Bad haircut

  1. :push:This was the 4th time getting my hair cut at this salon. The first time I asked for layers and when I got home noticed she just cut straight across, they did not blend together. I didn't notice as when she dried she curled with blow dryer. I had a hi-light appointment the following week so asked her to blend them in, no problem there. Well, went this past Saturday and again my fault, when she dried she curled ends but Sunday when I washed, OMG! What a mess! Again, the back looks like she just got the sissors and cut across. One side is short with no bottom to blend in. Right now I have it clipped up so its not noticible. My question: Should I call her to fix (or maybe mess up more?). Step into the neighborhood walk-in salon to fix? Cut bottom layer off and start fresh? Or just clip up for the next 2 mos and let it grow? Also, thinking of just calling another salon (rather than walk-in SAMS). Sorry so long
  2. I'd call the salon and ask for a DIFFERENT stylist to fix it. Explain all the problems you have had with your stylist and how you have had four bad haircuts.
    You may have to pay for it but if the salon is any good they'll have someone else do it for free.
    Above all, STOP going to that stylist!! :smile:
  3. i wouldn't go to a walk-in salon. as for going back to her.... she did the same botched cut two times. she is not listening to you. i would find out when her day off is and go in and speak with the salon owner and explain that your hair does not fall the way it should. if they offer to fix it (and they should) i would suggest you have them cut it dry. this way you can see how it falls when it has been blown out by you.
    this way is better because you can see the way it looks without being blown out to "cover mistakes" good luck - bad cuts really are no fun.
  4. I would go somewhere else, unless this place is reputable and you can ask for a different stylist or maybe the owner. I would not let the same person cut it again!
  5. whatever you do, don't go back to this person!!!
  6. Go to the same salon, explain to a manager what happened, and request them to fix it free of charge, but with a different stylist. And definitely do not return to that same stylist ever again! Really, if you are not satisfied, what are you paying for? Make sure they take care of it!
  7. I ended up going to a place in my neighborhood that I wanted to try. She did a really good job. She just basically blended in the layers. She couldn't believe the mess the other one did. Thanks for all your input everyone