Bad Girls Club 2

  1. Did anyone watch last season? Anyway, the new season starts tonight on Oxygen @ 10:00.
  2. I think I'll watch this tonight.
  3. im watching the reruns of last season now. i think I really like this show. and kind of waiting for this season to start. I think I will be watching this show
  4. OMG!!!! These new girls are crazy!!! Is it too early to like one of the girls and hate another?
  5. Yeahh I watched last season..I'll check out the new one tonight- thanks!
  6. DRAMMMMMAAAA! They're trying to outdo last season's girls.
  7. ^^ haha, yeah. But wow, these girls are insane!
  8. oohhh my godness - i miss the Season one girls already!!!!!
  9. a fight already! can you believe it? I can.

    the good news, is that none of these girls are imitation Barbies. lol they all seem to be generally bad girls [althought they all seem to look 18]. not like last season when that country music star was just too good to be on the show.

    I assume that their place is in New York?
  10. I thought so too but its LA. Seem kinda cloudy for LA and dark but whatever. Season One blond was Kerry the kaker thna fake blonde. couldn't not stand her:throwup:

  11. Aimee was the one i didnt really like. she must have really suck at life to be so angry and argumentative.
  12. Oh god Aimee was the worst she was an uglier version of Assshlle simpson before she got a new face. And she was so tough and then got her azz kicked by Ty. ;)
  13. I didn't watch season one but watched this season's premiere... I had to rewind when Tanisha tripped and fell "pimp down, pimp down" hahaha. She's by far my favorite!

  14. oh that was hilarious!! and after she kept doing what she does best, talk talk talk!

    she is ugly. I think Ash Simp looked way better that Aimee. I dont understand her nose or her sad eyes. But she could dress and i loved her black hair
  15. I laughed out loud at that too! I also like her the best.