Bad Girlfriend?

  1. I don't know what to do..

    My boyfriend has recently acquired a taste for Louis Vuitton and really wanted to purchase a few pieces at the boutique this week before our vacation to Alaska. This would have been fine, except I received a telephone call from my SA today telling me that they located a Griet Mirage and Mirage Degrade Badeau for me and she was having them transferred to my store. I have been waiting for this bag and my boyfriend knows it, but he was really excited to get a few pieces for himself for once. We really don't have the additional money to get anything other than my things right now. I know that he was so looking forward to getting his, that I feel horrible that I am getting mine. What should I do? Should I pass the Griet up and let him get what he wants? Or should I get the Griet and let him wait to get his pieces?
  2. So I'm guessing you guys have a joint account?

    then in *MY* opinion, whoever contributes the most money gets the say. If you both have about the same income, then none of you should get it. Use the money to go on a vacation together instead of getting something that's for "one or the other"
  3. I would say to get yours - You don't know if you will have the opportunity to do so again, Especially at retail price! I'm sure if you explain that the item is LE and sold out, he will understand. If you think that another bag will come your way that you like more that the Griet - Pass it by and let him get something new. It's a tough choice, Feel it out with him and see where he stands - Could he really be that broken up about it?
  4. Hmm... that's a though one.

    Though it is a LE bag, I do think it'd be good on your part to let him get the things he wants this time around.

    Or you could sit down and talk to him about the situation. Explain that you had wanted to go to LV so he could purchase the things he'd like, however you got a call from your SA about a LE bag being transferred to your boutique. I think you can do without the bandeau and possibly get it later on, if still available, and possibly let him get something small in place of the bandeau. IDK. Just my $0.02.
  5. is the things he want LE as well? if not maybe he'd understand that the griet is LE and you don't have much opportunities to get it.

    i agree with john about putting off the bandeau and letting him get something small.

    good luck!
  6. Oh dear, that's a toughie indeed ... I think you both should either get something or nothing at all, so that it is fair. Successful relationship is a two way street, imo.
  7. It's confusing if you do have a joint account... maybe you shouldn't use the money in the joint account and each use your own personal money to buy what you want... it may be that he can afford to buy his stuff and you can't afford to buy yours, or both of you don't have enough money to buy anything
  8. u cant pass us the mirage its limmited a show peice for crying out loud i say max ur cards so ur both happy itl be worth it
  9. Explain to him the bag is LE and will not be around forever; assuming that you guys have a joint account, hence your relationship is way deeper than the usual bf/gf, I am sure he will be more understanding. Then save up again for whatever he is wanting or you can surprise him and get him something in a month or two. Good luck and have fun on your trip.
  10. if i were you , i willl get the mirage. however, i consider myself is a bad gf all the time:p. try to explain to him that it is hard to get. however, if you already have something lv already, i think it should be his turn now.
  11. I hope you're just kidding.:s Anyway Amber, since your BF knows that you've been waiting for it, I'm sure he'll understand and being a gentleman that he is (I'm sure) he'll let you buy it first. Have a great holiday!
  12. If the items he has been wanting are no LE than get yours for now, but be sure he gets his as soon as the next bit of $$$$ comes in! If his are also LE, than you should each get one of them now and wish you get the other LE later on!
  13. I agree, I would get the limited editions first because they will not be around again and then get the other pieces.
  14. I think you should both get something or neither get anything. It's only fair.
  15. Get the LE items first always before you regret...

    If you are getting your item first, save up extra on the side and surprise him with his LV presents when he is not expecting it! :idea: