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  1. I bought my friend the HAMPTONS SIGNATURE MEDIUM CARRYALL for her birthday. I was so excited to give it to her. Because i thought she would love it.
    But when she opened it. She is like i dont like it at all. And then she said she wanted the Ergo Hobo. What would you do?? should i return the bag and get her the ergo or get her nothing.
    She did not even wish me a Happy Birthday this or get me a gift.

    Thank you for the help.
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  3. :wtf: :sad: What an awful friend. I think that was a very generous gift, especially if she did not even wish you a happy birthday this year, let alone get you anything! And how rude to complain about it! If she really didn't like it and wanted an ergo, there are many classier ways she could have handled it. She very easily could have just kept quiet, then exchanged it and told you that it fit her needs better or something... I mean come on! Sounds like she is not very thoughtful or considerate of you feelings.

    That being said, it is up to you whether you think you should just take it back or exchange it for something else for her. Personally, I would just take it back based on her rudeness and use it myself! But this could cause a rift you do not want... up to you.
  4. I wouldn't do anything. You bought her a fabulous gift and what she does with it is her business. It's up to her if she wants to return it toward an Ergo Hobo. You bought the bag for her as a gift, you've given the gift to her and it should end there for you. :yes:
  5. :wtf: How incredibly RUDE! That doesn't sound like a very good friend to me! You were very generous with your gift. I would be super excited if any of my friends bought me something that nice for my birthday, even if it wasn't exactly what I wanted!

    She should have never said anything like that. If she REALLY didn't like it then she could have at least exchanged it herself.

    I personally would not get her an ergo. She doesn't sound like she deserves it. She didn't even wish you a happy birthday let alone go out of her way to make you happy!

  6. 2nd. what a beyotch!
  7. Hmm that's a tough one. Maybe just give her the gift receipt and tell her she can return it or exchange it for whatever she wants. I don't think you should be rude back and not get her anything because that's a bit petty.
  8. How thoughtful of you!! And how rude and ungrateful of your "friend"...

    Here's what I would do...keep the bag for yourself or take it back and get something for you that you like!!!
  9. Me too! That was just rude of her, but she doesn't sound like a very considerate friend if she completely forgot your birthday. She should count herself lucky to have a friend like you!
  10. WOW:wtf:
  11. ^ITA:push:
  12. This is what you do. Take the bag back, get the bag she wanted and KEEP IT FOR YOURSELF lol. Thats what I would do
  13. Wow!! I am floored at how rude this person is!! I would take no further action... you gave her the gift now it's up to her on what to do. But I wouldn't go out of my way to give her any future gifts that are so thoughtful and (I think) wonderful....I woulda kissed you on mouth for such an amazing gift! :kiss:
  14. Does she behave like this often? She sounds like a self-absorbed brat.

    If you have the bag in your possession, take it back and don't get her a replacement. If she has it, let her handle exchanging or selling it.

    I wouldn't worry about getting her a present next year or ever.
  15. terribly RUDE!!!! That is a gorgeous bag!!! And even if it was pink with green polka dots, you don't tell the gift giver you hate their gift!!!!! That's just common curtiousy.... Like others have said, if you have the bag, I'd return it and get something else for yourself, and if she still has the bag, let her deal with it....Well, I love the can be my friend.....:graucho:
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