Bad Feeling about Hermes TPM Seller

  1. Hello girls-this is my first post!

    I finally broke down and bought a GP TPM used on eBay-I bid on it and won, (and paid via paypal!)May 1, 2007. On the 8th, having heard nothing, I emailed the seller (who is selling the contents of her closet due to divorce,) and she said she was sick, etc, and she would "try" to get the bag out "in the next few days." She also requested my address , stating that she had accidentally deleted her emails, and misplaced shipping labels.

    I emailed her back, saying I would have appreciated communication. Nothing.

    I emailed on the 9th, asking for a tracking number, and told her I would open a dispute on the 11th. Nothing.

    Two hours ago, I emailed her, begging for some communication-I don't want disputes!!!! I buy and sell on eBay-I've never seen one like this. What wuld you girls do? Her name is Christina-she's from Florida.

    Thanks so much for listening-Liza
  2. stick with filing a despute tommorow if she does not contact you. She as a seller should be more responsive.

    this just gives me more reason to stay away from ebay :sad:
  3. I agree-it's giving me an ulcer.
  4. Dispute it without any further thought...don't waste any additional time!
  5. log off here and go file NOW, file on eBay and Paypal NOW!
  6. Thank you all-tomorrow marks day 10-so I can start a dispute.
  7. also pull her contact info from ebay. worst case- call her.
  8. Oh God-calling her would be horrible...but how do I "pull contact info from eBay"? How do you guys know so much?

    I can't believe this happened with my 1st Hermes bag-I've collected PM Enamel bracelets for years-maybe I should have bought a saddle instead!:wtf:
  9. Just an update-this seller has listed a Gucci today. Seller c97115. She has not responded to two more emails, and Paypal has been contacted for the dispute. I wonder if the Gucci is real????????
  10. ^^for seller to qualify for seller protection, she needs to send the item out within 7 days of your payment. You may consider escalating the dispute up to a claim, especially if there is a lot of $$ involved. That'll freeze whatever money she has in paypal. Good luck!
  11. Oh no! I just took a look at the seller's Gucci and it is fake. She has also sold a fake LV recently.
  12. I agree, escalate it to a claim immediately, forget the dispute, its now a full blown claim! Good luck! Hugs!
  13. Good luck w/ this one.

    Under advance search you can request contact information. Ebay will email it to you. You have to enter your item number as this feature is only available for buyers and sellers w/ transactions together.

    Also, please post the gucci item number in the gucci subforum "authenticate this". If it's a fake, many members will report it for you.

    Did you leave the seller a negative feedback?

    That def. will get their attention!

    Also will warn others!
  14. It also might be a good idea to go on the Hermes subforum and post the Hermes tote on the Authenticate This thread!!
  15. don't leave feedback yet, it's always the last thing you should do