Bad Experience with Yoogi's--ever happened to anyone else?

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  1. I recently placed an order for a small item on Yoogi's and they emailed me a few hours later to say that the seller changed their mind, and they would issue me a refund in 7-10 days. I'm pretty upset about this. I'd been checking sites regularly to get that particular item pre-loved for ages because it has a lot of sentimental value, but I felt that the full price item was out of my budget. They offered me a 10% off coupon, which is meaningless because I currently have another coupon from them that's valued higher. I contacted customer service said that's the best they can do. And on top of it, they're holding onto my money for over a week?!

    Unlike many others on this forum, I'm not able to buy luxury goods very often at all. I only have one canvas LV bag and one pochette. I used a coupon for the item, which was already significantly marked down. I can't help but wonder if they had another buyer who didn't use a coupon so just went that route. Ugh.

    My husband was very sympathetic and ended up buying me the item new from the shop (we live near a boutique), but the experience really put a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to share and see if this was common, or maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion? I just don't understand why would go through the trouble of taking the item in, photographing it, listing it on their website and yet still let a seller change their mind after all of that?
  2. I have never heard of that happening with them before. I bet that is just one of those VERY rare things where I'm QUITE sure was a legitimate apology/occurrence. Surely the owner's sentimental attachment was greater than yours :smile: So hopefully you'll give Yoogi's another try in the future. Their coupon wouldn't be meaningless since you can probably use it anytime in the future, without the usual coupon expiration date. Maybe the seller was a very good customer for them. It happens. I regret listing things once in awhile. Or maybe there was a misunderstanding/discrepancy about the consignment pricing once the seller saw it listed.

    Look on the bright side too, your husband bought it for you NEW (woo hoo!) what a great guy, you should be really happy about that, all yours and was never anyone else's. :smile: I think it's admirable that Yoogi's would work with its consignor.. how would you feel if you regretted sending something in, and Yoogi's said, sorry too bad, we're going to sell it anyway? It all turned out well and I'm sure that would likely never happen again. Yoogi's customer service is great/honest. (I am however unsure about why they didn't refund you immediately. By what method did you pay?)
  3. Thanks for your perspective. In my case, the coupon is indeed meaningless. I had a particular budget to spend on an item, and the coupon was worth less than an existing coupon. It doesn’t feel like they’re making up for their error —I would have to buy two items or a make a larger purchase than I had intended to in order to take full advantage of the coupon they offered me. This puts them ahead, not me. While I love window shopping and browsing these forums, I only have one designer bag to my name. So I’m not the repeat spender who buys a lot of bags and is going to get use out of this coupon.

    I understand and respect their working with the consigner. Indeed, it would seem the owner’s sentimental attachment was greater. I’m glad it’s back with the seller who loved it. I just think Yoogi’s have not done their part in making this right to the buyer. It was their error, however rare, for listing an item for sale on their website that was not actually available. I paid by credit card, and feel that being without my funds for over a week is unacceptable.

    While my post was written as a rant/warning to other buyers—believe me that I am very appreciative that my husband bought the item for me brand new :smile:. And maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t see myself shopping at Yoogi’s again after this poor experience and their unwillingness to give a discount higher than a discount that already exists to everyone everywhere.
  4. I am sorry this happened to you. This is indeed unfortunate for everyone involved. I am sure Yoogi would have loved to make you their (repeat?) customer. I hope you find your special item again soon! :heart: And congrats on your gift from your husband!