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Dec 6, 2007
hi everyone, i don't usually start threads or rant like this but i'm feeling peeved and i just wanted to warn you against ordering any clearance items from

i saw their online sale last week and there were a lot of cheapie shoes so i thought, why not get a pair for going out and they were really cheap anyway. well they arrived today in a beaten up old box, literally ripped at the corners. there was no tissue, no protective plastic bags or stuffed tissue for the shoes. the shoes themselves looked like they'd been rolling around that dirty box for the last 2 years, scuffed at the edges... ugh horrible!
so i called CS immediately and they said there's nothing they can do, b/c it's a clearance item they can't refund or even give me store credit for a return. the best they could do was offer me a 20% discount for my next purchase online (as if i'd be making another one!)
i just feel really cheated... even though they didn't cost much, there's no way i'll be wearing these and they're barely worth it to sell anywhere. anyway thanks for listening. boo! :tdown:
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Apr 15, 2007
I totally agree!!! I had the same experience with Steve Madden. They are not customer friendly at all!!! When I called and provided them feedback, they offered me a 15% off coupon for my next regularly priced item I purchased from their website. Little do they know that there will not be a "next time"!


Apr 28, 2007
I havent bought anything from them but I know how bad their CS is, they SUCK bit time!

Another TPF'r got some boots and the zipper broke as soon as she put them on. I saw a pair of shoes I wanted in their website for very cheap and when I tried to buy them they came up for much more, I contacted them expecting them to honor the price they were advertising and they said no WTF. Is their mistake I wasnt trying to steal from them or something. They do suck, their CS :tdown:


Sep 6, 2007
Sorry about your shoes. That's totally messed up.

Also, they only do price adjustments if it's marked down within 3 days of your purchase date. I noticed that a pair I bought on 5/2 was marked down today and I asked them if they would do it since I'm over the 3 day policy by one day and they said no and offered a 20% coupon.
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Mar 2, 2007
I've ordered twice from them for a total of three pair of shoes and was always entice by the price. I remember buying a pair of flats that was on clearance and the left foot was obviously one half size smaller but they still labeled it 7, which is my size. And I couldn't return it because it was clearance, so now I have a pair of steve madden's, the left fits like a 6.5 and the right fits like a 7 but both are labeled 7. There goes money I'll never see again, I mean, how can I even re-sell that?


Dec 6, 2007
thanks for all your comments and shared experiences! it's kinda nice to know i'm not the only one... at least i learned my lesson and i hope stevemadden feels bad about all the customers they are losing through poor CS!

:heart:juicy: that's a good idea. maybe i will try calling again, but probably later when i'm less heated and annoyed about the situation. lol


Mostly Harmless
Nov 19, 2007
I have only ordered 1 time from SM. I couldn't get my coupon to go through & had to call to have the order re-done to reflect the discount. I didn't have any terrible experience, but it did sound like the CSR helping me was out of country & was probably very limited in what options she was allowed to offer a customer. In these cases, it is usually best to ask the rep whether they have authority for the action you need take & if the answer is no, to firmly & politely insist on transfer to a superviser who is authorized to correct the problem.

They happen to be a good fit for me & make an OK knock-around shoe, but I usually get them at about $20-30 at the Macy's clearance racks, so I figure it's a decent value at Payless prices.


Dec 14, 2007
they usually specify on their website that there are no returns on clearance shoes which is why I never buy, 'cause if it doesn't fit, then I wasted my money. I would never pay full price for their shoes either so the only option is to buy them at macy's on clearance.


May 2, 2007
ohh I had bad experience with them too. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes since I thought whatever, they're so cheap. But all three 6's were different sizes, one fit while the other two is big/wide. And the worst part is that the pairs were all one brand new and one was a store display, so they looked white/beige, black/grey..wth??
Dec 20, 2006
Oh yeah, Madden is absolutely TERRIBLE. I got boots in January and like your shoes, mine arrived in a deplorable condition and mine were not even clearance! The boots were cheaply made and looked terrible regardless of the condition they were in. It took me two months to get a return request. I emailed them many times, called the hotline which says to email them, and tried the online chat every few days (no one was available for chat ever). Finally I got a response from them claiming xmas returns had them busy. I was beyond angry.