Bad experience with Nike-iD

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  1. I recieved my Nike-iD Danzante trainers that I was so excited about and they don't fit!!! :Push:

    Here is why:
    I tried the "blank" shoes at the store in my size and they fitted perfectly. The shoes I recieved have been badly sewn together at the front which, while it doesn't fundamentally change the shape/size, makes it rather uncomfortable at the end because the shoe is too low at the front.

    Because they're Nike iD, the store won't/can't do anything about the fact that they were badly put together and I'm stuck with a €150 mistake on their part that I probably won't be able to wear without pain.
    I was told that if the size on the label is right, the only thing I can do is suck it up and go home with my painful Danzante.

    I'm so upset!!!!! :cry: I so excited to have them because I love the colours I picked and that they'd be my perfect trainers...
  2. Whaa!! Sorry to hear that Perja :/ Man, that's disappointing, I wish they could've done more for you :[
  3. i am sorry to hear that
  4. That sounds so unfair, I'm sorry this happend.
  5. That stinks. If it's their mistake, they should fix it. I was looking at getting some Nike ID shoes. Now I think I'll pass. :evil:
  6. That sucks!!:sad:
    If they are faulty though, it is the stores legal obligation to refund or replace the item, no matter what they tell you!
    (Try Trading standards or equivalent of where you live)
  7. i'd call corporate customer service and make a stink, and if they don't do anything, do a chargeback with your credit card. you're not responsible for a product you ordered that was given to you defective that the merchant won't now take back. they were given to you in a condition other than what was promised at the time of sale.
  8. i agree!
  9. Yes! don't put up with that. Its not your fault, its theirs...and you can't have your feet hurting all the time.
  10. Thank you so much, amanda, I didn't think of that, I was just so upset. The kind words of all of you mean so much. :love:

    IMG_1268.jpg IMG_1270.jpg

    Here they are... I'm so bummed :cry: :cry:
  11. Hmm, I had never heard of these until this post. I was checking it out on the website and these are 100 in the States. That's such a price hike for Europe!! I really hope you can get your $ back...
  12. no problem hun! it's so easy to get riled up about something and not be able to think of the right thing to do, so that's why we're here :smile:
  13. Perja!

    Those Nike folks first make the poor little children sew their shoes and then they sew you the wrong size! That is very disappointing.

    I do love the style you chose, I created a pair of fab Shox, they are my favorite and are quite the attention getters!

    I hope everything works out for you!

    xoxo L.
  14. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them :sad:
    I've had several Nike shox done (yes, I'm a bit of an addict :eek: ), and they turned out perfect.

    Give them hell until they give you a refund ;)
  15. Did you pay with a credit card? You can try to dispute it, or some cards have buyer protection in case things like this do happen. There is always a way, even if someone there says there isnt. Nike isnt going to be hurting if they refund you or at least give you another pair. I hope you are offered something reasonable :biggrin: