Bad experience with

  1. Back in February, I ordered 6 pair of sunglasses & NONE of them looked good on me. I followed their return policy & got them back to them no problem. I get an email from them March 4th saying they had recieved all the items back. Soooooo... according to THEIR online policy, allow 10-14 days for credit to be issued. I'm still waiting:push: I emailed them at the 3 weeks point & told them they were past due on giving me my refund & all I get from them is "allow 1 billing cycle for the credit to show up on your card".. That's crap. I understand it may take up to the next cycle to show up on my mailed statement if the refund missed the previous months cutoff but I check my DAILY activity online & as of yet, almost a month, they have not issued the refund. I'm about ready to report them to the BBB. How can they keep my money AND the merchandise I returned to them for so long!? They themselves are violating their return credit policy. The second email I sent them, I got the response "We'll credit you as we stated before, within 1 billing cycle"

    Anyway, for those of you who don't feel like having their $$ held hostage, I thought I would warn you.
  2. Thanks for the warning. Sorry you had to go through this.
  3. Also wanted to add that I just researched them on the BBB (a little too late:hrmm: ) & there have been 4 other complaints filed against this company. Apparently I'm not the only one they screwed~
  4. Report it to your credit card company - IMMEDIATELY! Most credit card companies will credit your account and go after the company on your behalf. You may have to sign some paperwork or write an explanation, but it's a lot easier than getting the company to credit you. And the credit card companies have more leverage than you do.

    FYI: I say do it "immediately" because some credit card companies only give you 30 days to dispute a charge.
  5. ^Thanks, I did have that idea floating in my head but your post got me in gear! I just got off the phone with Citibank & they are going to take care of it :yes:

    I also contacted because some of their sunglasses come from I suggested they check out eyesave's BBB report before they continue to do business with them. I also told them that I would no longer order sunglasses from them due to their affiliation with No offense to smartbargains but I'm not giving eyesave another cent of my money!
  6. ugh! i hate it when companies take a long time to process refunds.

    thanks for the heads up.
  7. Just an update.. Never received my $$ back from eyesave~ I opened a dispute with my credit card company & contacted the BBB. After 60 days, I won the dispute. No contact from Eyesave, even after they TOLD me they received my return.