Bad experience with bag borrow steal suggestions?

  1. Warning this is long............

    I'm not sure where to post this so I hope I do not offend anyone - if so I apologize in advance.

    Hi all this is my first post though I read alot on the forums. I have Coach, Prada, Burberry & one LV Speedy. Here's my dilemma......

    My neighbor's cat came in through our doggy door (thank goodness my dog was upstairs in our floor with the door closed or I would have had blood everywhere) and destroyed my rather old Louis Vuitton Speedy bag apparently after gum. We won't go into that whole mess.....

    Anyway, I leave for a cruise on Saturday. I decided to bite the bullet and try Bag Borrow or Steal. I was on a wait list for the Louis Vuitton Alma bag which was $90 per month + $20 per month insurance +$25 for shipping & of course the membership fee. For my situation with Christmas parties, the cruise & a Las Vegas trip in early January renting for two months made sense while I figured out which bag I wanted to actually purchase. Well. Their website showed it available for borrowing. However no where on their site can you select priority or expedited shipping which I would need and you are to call or go on their live help for that shipping option. I did via live help. I spoke to a guy named David who confirmed that there was a couple of Alma bags available and I had one reserved that would be shipped on Friday. Friday evening he left me a message on my home answering machine stating that he wasn't able to get the warehouse to ship the bag on Friday but it would be overnighted to me on Monday for Tuesday delivery at no additional charge (priority two day delivery is $25 & over night is $35) and assured me not to worry I would have the bag in time for my cruise. He told me to go ahead and make my "wait list" inactive since we had one going out to me. All weekend long it showed the bag available for borrowing. Today I contacted them via live help chat again wanting to make certain it went out for overnight delivery instead of regular deliver. Well it hadn't. David, who seemed quite bothered that I questioned it would make it here in time for my crusie, told me the system was down and to contact them in about 2 - 3 hours but there was nothing to worry about. I called 3 hours later and David is the person who answered the customer service line. Per David the warehouse computer that ships and stores the bags and the customer service computers do not communicate with each other and the bags were given to someone else. There were 13 people waiting for that bag (I had taken myself off the list because he told me to or I would have been one of them) and the warehouse manager with whom he said he had spoken to on Friday sent a "bunch" out but I didn't get one. He told me there was nothing he could do that there were people ahead of me now and he couldn't bump me up. Well...........I asked for a manager to call me. Valerie, the customer service manager contacted me about an hour later. Per Valerie David has been there for two weeks and apparently doesn't know all of the procedures. - no kidding - how about some training before you turn him loose on us. She said I should have left my wait list turned on and I would have gotten one. well, maybe David shouldn't have told me to turn it off!! She is contacting me in the morning (Tuesday). I am to look around their site and add bags to my wish list and she will see if any are available for me. She wasn't very apologetic and was actually snippy at times. I told her that I felt I was treated poorly and she said she didn't think I was and that they had been quite helpful to me. Hmmm I beg to differ. Helpful to me would have been to check to make certain all of the Louis Vuitton bags are out, offer me a more expensive one for a week or month at the Diva rate (It goes trendsetter $20 per month, Princess $40 per month, Diva $90/mo Couture One $175/mo Couture Two $235/mo & Couture Three $275/mo) Most of the LV bags are Couture. I'm not someone who is just anxious to get a bag I need it for a trip, two company parties & a Las Vegas Trip. Had I known I wouldn't be getting one on Friday I could have looked for something (though dangerous) on ebay. Too late now since there will only be 3 working postal days left before my cruise. I have to say I wasn't very happy with their customer service. Instead of apologizing for what happened to me she just corrected what I was told.

    So anyway I'm pretty much out of luck. My handbag sky is falling. Are their any other makers that you guys can suggest? I'd like to keep it in the "Diva" range which is $500 - $1,000 retail and would cost me $90 + $20 insurance per month. I've done some research but nothing is as good as bag owner's opinions. My dream purse is the Prada Cervo Animalier & Louis Vuitton Manhattan.......oh to dream.

    Thanks so much for your help and if there is anyone out there who wants to know more about my experience with Bag Borrow or Steal or the outcome please feel free to contact me at I did alot of searching on them on this forum and others before I decided to give it a try and there wasn't alot out there. Customer service these days is horrible everywhere and I certainly want to spare someone the trouble I'm going through.

    Thanks for your suggestions I really do appreciate it!!!!
  2. Gosh, I'm sorry this happened to you. As it was totally their fault, I think the least they could do is to offer you an equal price level bag, free for a week. :yes:
  3. What a bad situation! I think I might give them a call first thing today, and I'd tell them that you've told the Purse Forum, which is read by 1.2 million people a day (isn't that right?) and told them of their treatment of you. Maybe tell them you'd like to tell us about a 'happy ending' to this story. Tell them that none of this is your fault, you're not responsible for a new employee's mistake, and you think they should do right by you. They may have been snippy to you...thinking who would know but you?! I'd let them know that they have been talking to one person, and the fact that you've told a ton of people on a open board....well, this may make them do right by you. That's what I'd do and see if it works. Good luck!!!
  4. This is not the first horror story I've heard about customer service @ BBS. So sorry this happened to you.

  5. Oh my gosh that is an EXCELLENT idea! I didn't even think about that & probably never would. I took notes and will definitely use your advice. I knew you guys could help me!

    Thank you SO SO SO much!
  6. Check with a mod before mentioning TPF since I do not think that is allowed.
  7. GREAT IDEA!!!! customer service is so poor these days that the only recourse is to threaten the reputation of a biz. hope someone there is smart enought to realize what your experience will do to their rep.
    hope it all works out for you and they give you a great bag for FREE!
  8. I would second the notion that, from what I understand, TPF should not be mentioned by name. You should not have an issue, however, if you state the same information (posted to a public online forum read by 1.2 million people) but do not mention the name of the forum. I don't think that it dillutes your statement at all to not mention TPF by name. I don't think that there is anything wrong with telling BBS that you have publicly shared your story with others via the internet but I don't think you should mention TPF.
  9. No one worry I did not nor will I mention the name of our forum. I'm a Human Resources Manager and Queen of "being political". As my husband says I'm an H.R. Weenie.

    Well, Valerie the manager called in sick today and no one else knows what's going on. I swear I'm going to find out who the owner is and call them at home!

    Thanks for letting me vent I really appreciate it and thanks for all of the great advice!
  10. I am so sorry to hear about your awful ordeal. I find it so "funny" to read about your misfortune as I opened my mail box this afternoon, I received a catalogue from BBS, and I actually thought I would look through it tonight. Now I will just toss it in the trash. I truely hope all works out well for you. I know how awful customer service is to deal with and you just want to scream:cursing: at the Manager, but good things should come your way soon! Enjoy your cruise.:beach:
  11. Ugh that makes me mad. Hope you get a bag! And hey, if not, they just lost a lot of potential customers! Revenge is sweet :devil:
  12. Ugh. Sorry this happened to you. I've read tons of horror stories. That place needs some shutting down.
  13. So sorry about what happened. I have read so many stories about BBS's bad customer service as well. Now i know not to give a penny to them.
  14. Just what makes any of these sales reps think offering their side of the situation makes everything alright? I DON"T GET IT and it makes me incredibly angry because these people are trained to do that. I swear they are there to fix their own mistakes and give the consumers as little as possible.

    Bag Borrow or Steal sounded completely iffy to me from the get go. I'll never use them and I'll spread the word. :cursing: Just to make them mad, How do we know if their bags are REAL? :yucky:
  15. I've heard bad stuff about the quality of their bags...I would just fork out the money to Louis Vuitton for the alma. You're already paying about 10% just to borrow it for 2 months. It's a gorgeous bag and one that you will enjoy using at YOUR OWN LEISURE!!!

    Enjoy your cruise!