Bad experience with 1-800-Flowers

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  1. These people are ridiculous.

    - I ordered a bouquet to be sent to my mother.
    - Was called two hours later and told this bouquet was no longer available.
    - I picked another one. Was called yet again by another woman who told me they were waiting for me to return their call. I told them I already confirmed my order, please send it.
    - Was called again and told my original bouquet was now available. Okay, whatever, just send it!!!!

    Somewhere in this ridiculous process they changed the date to the 23rd of May instead of TODAY. So I find this out an hour ago, have been on the phone the past 45 minutes (was on hold for 10 of them) trying to work this out. RIDICULOUS.

    When Coast-to-Coast flowers messed up an order of mine, they sent the flowers for free and refunded my money completely. 1-800-Flowers was barely remorseful for their ridiculous mistakes. Grr... thanks for listening.
  2. Sorry for the trouble how annoying. I've heard lots of bad things about them. I usually just locate a florist in the neighborhood via zip code of the person I want to send flowers to & order that way.

    Edited to say I just looked up 1800flowers on & man they have horrible reviews.
  3. Sorry you had such an awful experience! My husband had a horrible experience with them this past mother's day too! He had ordered two flower arrangments for me. One from him and one from our daughter to me. Well 1-800 flowers confirmed the delivery date for mother's day and NEVER DELIVERED THE FLOWERS. My poor husband was on the phone for an hour!!!! A recording kept ending the call due to "high call volume". Finally he got through, there was no apology nothing...we got our money back. Won't be ordering from them again. :cursing:
  4. Yuck, thanks for the heads up. Sorry, for your frustration.
  5. oh gosh, that's horrible! they definately need to find a way to make that right.

    i use proflowers a TON and i've never had problems. but i get paranoid all the time.
  6. Definitely use Pro-flowers. 1800-flowers messes up orders all the time, and so far I've had very good luck with Pro flowers.
  7. What a horrible experience! Do you have a local florist you use a lot? If so, call them and they have a book of the best florists in whatever area. I've had really good luck that way as the pple always rave about the flowers they receive. Just a thought, if it's not too late to change.
  8. 1800-flowers charged me double for shipping when that charge didnt even occur on the confirmation page. I only found out when I received my CC bill and the 1800flower Customer Service Rep didnt even say sorry and just told me it would returned to my Credit card.
    I had to call 2 weeks later and was told they were never notified and had to re-process it.:cursing:
    But the saving grace for them was the flower looked prettier than the picture :yes:
  9. I have a company I use alot...I can never remember the spelling...Calayx...something..I have it saved in my favorites. I will post it. They are by far my favorite. I do like Pro flowers as I was given a gift of a year of flowers so I get flowers from them every month ..they just seem to die so quickly. I will make sure and let you know the spelling of who I use...they really are wonderful.
    Sorry you had such a hassle!
  10. ^ Calayx and Corolla is the site. I sent a $150 bouquet to my mother in NC years ago and it was already wilting when my mother got them! Maybe they're better now?
  11. Calayx and Corolla ...that is it...I just love them. I have great luck with them, oh well, I guess they all falter at times. I can not praise them enough.
  12. 1800 Flowers messed up an order my mom placed and they sent her a lousy card a few weeks later with some small percentage off her next order. Big deal! :oh: She hasn't used them since.
  13. I was about to use 1-800 flowers for this Mother's Day, but I read reviews on them, and they were all NEGATIVE. So I just ordered through a local florist. I would just avoid them completely from now on!
  14. So sorry you had such a bad experience! You should get a refund or at least another set of flowers sent for free. You should complain to a manager.

    I agree with others, ProFlowers have excellent customer service.
  15. We had issues with 1-800-Flowers as well. Dh sent me a bouquet and they were the UGLIEST, most wilted flowers I had ever gotten. I would have been so embarrassed if I had sent them to anyone!