Bad Experience/Run-Around from

  1. I just had a frustrating experience with Last night I was on their website and had two items which were marked on sale in my cart. I was literally in the middle of checking out (had just entered my credit card info and I was on the last page before submitting my order) when the prices went back up to full price! I was very frustrated as these were two items that I had been eyeing, and they were 40% off and in my size.

    Just now I called them, assuming that they would honor the prices that had been posted on their website. I talked to customer service about this experience, and she said it must have been an "error" and that she couldn't honor the price they had advertised on the site because she didn't have the "power" to change the price. I asked her if I could speak to someone who does have this "power" and she told me no. I said, well, obviously someone has the power to decide when things go on sale. She said that it usually happens after something has been around for a certain amt of time, etc, etc. Well, someone decides what that length of time is. I asked to speak with that person, she said they are "unavailable."

    So, watch out because the oracle of may just decide on a whim in mid-order to change their prices, and apparently they don't feel the need to honor what they advertise. I think I will stick with Revolve from now on.

  2. i did notice some sales items that i been eyeing price is higher now
  3. OMG that is disgusting...thank you for the heads up
  4. wow that is really bad! Keep calling them though, I mean it wasn't your fault!
  5. I noticed today that their "warehouse sale" (with increasing discounts over the next few days) means that the prices from two days ago are about 20% marked up to compensate for this supposed "sale."

  6. Yes, and now they are all marked "final sale" too--and the prices aren't even that great!
  7. :push: I totally agree! I added a shirt to my cart a few days ago. It was $75. I saw the sale today. But when I was trying to check out, I noticed that the price was $97. I thought there was something wrong with my head until I saw this post. Such a LAME bussiness they are doing.:yucky:
  8. that's totally wrong... poor customer service. if they want my business, they better honor the prices they initially advertised. thanks for the heads up!
  9. Thanks for posting this! I definitely won't purchase from them.
  10. Hi!

    You posted this in our DEALS & STEALS FORUM, it's not the right place to warn peopel of bad service, it's the place ONLY to let people know of good deals found.

    I'll move to General Discussion this time, next time we'll just close it.
  11. Agree!
  12. Boo, I like that site too.
  13. That's awful that they wouldn't do anything about it!
  14. I know. I mean, technically I think this would qualify as false advertising. It's not like it would be a huge hit for them to honor the price on these two items. It's not like they had them listed for $1!

    Revolve on the other hand I have had great experiences with. Just today I got them to price match a dress for 40% off based on a receipt that I had for the same dress but in a different size or color that I got 50% off. They are far more fabulous than standard style.
  15. i thought i was crazy, so i'm glad i saw this post!

    i wanted some Tom Ford sunnies, and i thought the price had gone up from one day to the next, too! they were gone by the 3rd day, so i missed out. oh well.