Bad experience put me off...


Nov 1, 2006
I was looking to buy my first piece of LV, and after suggestions from fellow PFers who said that I should go to a store for my first buying experience, I went. It's a 3 hour trip either way, but I thought it would be worth it.

I walked in, there were about 4-5 SAs at various places I could see. There was one other customer being served by a SA, and I think another one browsing. I walked around with interest and loved the stuff I saw, and I was debating between a damier speedy, a mono speedy 25, and a Manhattan PM.

Looking around I tried to catch the eye of an SA, but all of them seemed to be studiously ignoring me. So I walked upto one and asked her if I could take a closer look at the Damier. She looked at me rather snottily and said "I'm afraid that's the only one we have and it's a display item!"..a damier speedy?? In New York?? I was rather taken aback, and I saw her glance sideways at another SA as if to say "That should take care of her!" When I asked if I could try on a mono speedy for size, and a Manhattan PM she just ignored me, and continued to ignore me. An older white woman walked in, who was dressed about the same way as I was - jeans, top, sweater and the other SA (who was watching our exchange) immediately ran over and started bringing out stuff she asked for.

Are all the SAs at LV this rude? Did being a South Asian count for some of the treatment I got? I was about to purchase an item/ items from them and this was the way I got I walked out. And drove the three hours home.

I have a very negative experience of LV after this incident. There were many SAs in the store, any of them could have helped me.

To buy an LV in New York do you have to be white and look rich?
I'm sorry to hear you got such bad service. I've had some good experiences with the LV boutique at Bloomingdales' 59th St. store. Don't let a few rude SAs get you down!:smile:
That is bullcrap. I would have asked for a manager. I also would go to and send a detailed comment. They want to know what is going on. You can also call 866-Vuitton and tell them.

I am soo sorry that happened to you!!
Im so sorry for your experience, an I empathize completely! Im 24 and still look like a little kid, talk about IGNORING, ugh! I found that the Saks 5th LV was so much nicer, less pretentious. The Boutique Experience can be great with a good sales rep, or it can be an attempt on your dignity with snotty b1tches like those were. Did you at least ask to speak to a manager? Tell them you will not be treated this way? THEN walk out?
I am sorry to hear about your experience.:sad: I don't think anyone should be treated this way regardless of the way they dress, their race, etc. I think you should call 866 # and complain to them about an awful service, or lack there of, you had to endure at this particular location. I hope you manged to catch the SA's in question name.
I'm sorry that you drove all that distance & were treated in that manner. Try another boutique like others have suggested. I hope that you find a bag that you love.
complain, complain, complain!!!! im sick and tired of SAs treating their customers in a bad way!! afterall, it is a very well established brand, and the SAs are responsible in maintaining the image!
OMG..I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Yes..complain...complain. I got snotty/unpleasant SA before but she just didn't know any better..I just don't put up with that kind of attitude anymore. As far as I am concerened they have to kiss my a$$
awww, i'm sorry to hear you were treated horribly! which store was this? i've shopped at the 5th Avenue LV store, the Soho LV store and the one in Macy's and have always interacted with helpful, professional SAs.
This makes me very upset to hear...:sad:
I agree with the advice given, and to call 866 and report this rude behavior.

I would love to think it had nothing to do with your race, age, manner of dress...if it makes you feel any better, I am white, and I went to my usual LV last night. My SA was not there, but an SA that has helped me before said hi, and started helping me. He has always had an sight attitude (can't pinpoint it, but it's there).
I was purchasing a MC cles, nothing very $$$$, but I ALWAYS buy every time I go into the store. I never jerk them around, I'm an easy customer.
Anyway, I asked nicely to see more than one to check for the color pattern I wanted. Without even looking for stock, he grabbed one from the drawer, plopped it down on the coutner, and looked away as if to imply "hurry up and decide whether you want this bc you're wasting my time". Now, there was NO ONE else even in the store!
Luckily, the one he showed me had the color placement I wanted, and I took it, but I'm not assertive or confrontative enough to know what I would have done, if I did not like it.
I am not going to complain about his behavior as I go in there all the time and I would feel funny, but I'm going to tell my SA NEVER to have him cover for her--let someone else help me out when she is not there. SO RUDE!
So, sorry this in long, but I appreciate how it felt to feel dismissed...ROTTEN!
I'm sorry this happened on your first trip to visit LV.:flowers:
What is wrong with these people, that is no way to treat anyone:cursing:
Sorry to hear your experience was so awful, I hope this won't put you off LV for good.
That's horrendous! You absolutely should complain. Ugh. I am so sorry that happened - talk about souring you off LV for a while. I tell ya - for a lux item you should expect lux service. There is NO excuse for that. If that happened to me I'd be looking elsewhere FAST. Adios LV. If you're too good for ME, I'm sure another company will GLADLY accept my $$.