Bad experience on purchase at hermes store at San Diego

  1. I am now living at PA, USA. I love a silver cartouche bracelet online but the size for me is not available. So I emailed the hermes online store and they said I could buy at San Diego. I talked with them by phone and emailed them about what size I need.
    Then my bad dream came. I am not sure if it is real hermes when it came. The silver bracelet is kind of yellow color. I know the silver can be oxidized but it should be shiny before it is sold even in an ordinary silver store. Moreover, the size is ST not XL.
    What a bad experience from this purchase. Be careful when purchase at local store by phone. I met a similar in dior at CA by using phone purchase. I think I might meet the same if I bought a leather bag. Never try to do this even in this luxury store, they just want to sell the products since I can not see them by myself!
    Never shopping at this store anymore. I hope hermes do not authorize so many store in case some just ruin your reputation!
    I do not know how to complain but after all they just refund me without a sorry from the staff.
  2. Forgive me, but I don't quite understand what happened.
  3. ...I'm completely confused.......

    and that takes a lot........
  4. Sounds like the refund WAS your "I'm sorry" from the store...normally only store credit on returns. Not sure what you are describing about the bracelet. Silver that is yellow is not oxidized; oxidized silver can be shiny or matte. But either way, you got your money back.
  5. From what I gathered, as confusing as it are trying to claim that the Hermes boutique sold you a fake/non-authentic bracelet?? Then, they refunded you money??

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    i think thats the story?? maybe?

    chenche3204 -

    there is NO WAY that if you purchased something from a Hermes store listed on they sold you a fake item. it will not ever happen. ever.

    but silver depends on if it is plated silver, sterling or palladium plated sterling silver. also if you look at it at home it can look yellow because of the kind of light bulbs, few homes have "sunlight bulbs or natural light bulbs". this is why when you have a romantic dinner it calls for candles not compact fluorescent lighting as candles give a more "natural" light.

    i think it is important to calm down and look at it during the day with lots of light out, and to find out what kind of silver EXACTLY it was: plated silver, sterling or palladium plated sterling silver, gold over silver or other. (i think that bracelet is sterling.)

    lastly people make mistakes, you may have gotten the gold version by error. at which point maybe returning is best, as the gold is far more expensive and not what you paid for.
  7. actually, thinking about it, i am certain thats what happened. they sent you the gold one.
  8. recently i bought a silver necklace in store. i saw many displayed ones oxidized, look as if they were displayed in the cabinet for several years. if they don't have new ones they will sell those to u if u r willing to take.

    so i guess they gave the displayed bracelet to you. bad service.
  9. glad you got your money back...most H stores are very accommodating to their clients...I am happy with the ones I've dealt with.
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    money is not the big issue after all it is no so expensive
    The point is that the so luxury store just sell bad service to the costumer. In some degree, this store just cheated me. I never know it is small size if I did not call them again!
    That really ****ed me off!
    No idea hermes set so many stores at USA even at San Diego the small city.
    Luxury store does not just sell luxury goods but also sell the good service.
    But most store just hire some temporary staff and they even do not know what they really do sometimes.
  11. I still don't understand.
    I have visited the SD store and had perfectly excellent service.
  12. i thought i understood but now i dont...
  13. I bought some stuff from San Diego store by phone few months back and everything worked out very well. Accident may happen, just calm down.
    SD is not a small city at all...
    Cheer up!
  14. I've had both good and bad from SD. Depends who you get--- depends on the mood ---etc. Just like every other store. At the end of the day all the stores are in business to SELL. There is no reason for Hermes to "cheat" someone or a customer because it would tarnish the reputation of the brand and not to mention the SA's barely make any comission meaning they would not cheat you either. It sounds like a lot of trouble to ship a bracelet to someone in an effort to cheat them and then offer them a refund.
    #1) It is using the resources of store associates who could be assisting customers
    #2) It is costing the store shipping there and back
    #3) The store will not recoup the fee paid to your credit card company when doing the return
    #4) A return is a return -- a negative -- which can only be offset by a positive/a sale.

    There is no way the store tried to set you up and cheat you. I'm sorry -- this is ridiculous and I refuse to even consider that they needed a $200 sale that badly that they had no choice to cheat you.

    Just like we are having problems understanding you on this forum -- I think perhaps the store too was unable to understand what your concern is and what remedy (if any) you seek.

    Hopefully all tPFers will continue to enjoy SD and other boutiques and hopefully you will find a Luxury Goods Company which offers you both Luxury Goods and Luxury Service -- and one which does not "cheat" you.
  15. I don't know why the story is so hard to understand for some. The OP was given a oxidized bracelet in the wrong size. The OP is simply frustrated that this kind of carelessness would happen to a luxury house such as Hermes. She doesn't actually believe they are FAKE, but the quality of it really disappoints her as if it is no better than a fake bracelet. I don't think the OP is stupid enough to confuse silver with gold and I don't think Hermes would do that either. She just wanted to vent about the whole experience of happily ordering a bracelet and only to receive one that is tarnished and in the wrong size and then getting a refund without even word of apology for the mistake they made.