Bad Experience in Mulberry store

  1. NatashaX - check your in box. I really feel your pain regarding your experience in store, especially because you barely got to enjoy your bag.

    I have an update regarding my situation. After getting the customer care manager involved the repair department have deemed that my Alexa was defective and fell below the quality standards expected. So, I shall be receiving gift vouchers for the current value of my bag! I am so relieved that things have been resolved successfully.

    Thank you so much ladies for all of your advise and support. Now, which bag should I get to replace my black Alexa? I really love the conker Alexa but I'm a bit worried to ask to see every bag to check the leather quality. Help?!

  2. The conker Alexa is beautiful. How about the Bays satchel or the Bays? or do you want a messenger type bag?
  3. I have been considering the bays satchel, but I'm unsure about the comfort of it. Would it look clumsy/awkward because its more structured?
  4. Not at all, i have both the alexa and the bays satchel. Both are comfortable and fit a similar aount in them.
  5. I have several alexas and just bought the small bays satchel in red onion. It's a lovely bag to carry, doesn't feel at all structured but obviously not as slouchy as the alexas.
    Go into a store and try them all on. I think it was the Glasgow store you had a problem at, pop through to Edinburgh, all the SA's there are lovely and helpful.
  6. Thanks for all the support ladies!

    I'm so glad you got such a good outcome Sakura. That means there is hope for me also! Thanks for the message :smile:

    This is my first purchase from Mulberry, and although I love the handbag, I would not have made such an expensive purchase had I known the customer service would be of such a low standard.

    I have emailed Mulberry's customer service manager with this matter, and have yet to hear back from her. At this moment, all I am hoping for is an exchange.

    I will keep you all posted on the progress!
  7. Nightmarish update.

    So Glasgow store manager was rude. Looked at me like I was mad when inspecting the conker Alexa I had decided on.

    Bag 1, black marker pen (3cm) across front of bag next to postman lock
    Bag 2, definitely a returned bag. No plastic over hardware, deep finger nail gouges all over bag.
    Bag 3, display bag. Peeling inking and finger nail scratches.

    Bag 4 (after trip to house of Fraser) was another damaged display bag.

    I am absolutely livid.

    Whilst in the store the SA also asked me about getting discount on a Mac (I work for apple and had on my work tshirt)

  8. Wow! That's terrible. It might be worth a trip through to the Edinburgh store. All the SAs i've spoken to in there have been lovely.
  9. Omg, I can't believe this Sakura!

    This makes me so angry, because the Buckle bag I bought also had no plastic on the hardware, many small scratches on the magnetic closure, and a small black marker pen mark near the postman lock.

    As it was my first Mulberry purchase, I took the sales assistant's word for it that it was brand new, and assumed that Mulberry didn't put plastic on the hardware to begin with.

    But after reading your post, I realised that the bag I bought must have been a return, hence why the buckle is faulty! That makes me unbelievably angry, because when I took it back to the store, the rude Manager made such a huge point about the fact that she couldn't take the bag back as it had been used by me. When all this time I was the one who was sold a used bag!!!!

    I'm fuming! Just how is this all ok?
  10. Urgh! I handed my bag in at a mulberry store because I thought it would be safe, this was late July. The sale guy was lovely commenting on how it was a classic and it would be fine, but repairs are taking a little longer than usual anything from 2 to 8 weeks. It's now October I've called Mulberry repairs who informed me (another lovely guy again) that the store have it in fact they got it back early August!

    At the risk of sounding super sad, I worked bloody hard for that bag and its a whole sense of pride thing when I carry it, I've hated carrying anything else.

    I called up the store twice (as no one picked up the first time after 30 odd rings) to be told me bag is back, I queried why I wasn't called only to be told (after being put on hold) I was called in August shortly after the bag had come back in. They called me once! August, September, October! Are they stupid? It even says on the bit of paper to be collected in 3 months or they aren't liable.
  11. It's so sad to hear you were treated this way. I took my Greta bag into the Bond Street store this morning (the piping has become exposed on the base of the bag) and I was totally amazed at how kind and corteous the staff were. I really hope this was a one off and doesn't put you off Mulberry or taking bags in for repairs. You were totally in the right!
  12. Hi all

    This is my first post (I'm a bit of a lurker!) but I wanted to share a recent and positive experience, and as I can't post a new thread thought this one was appropriate.

    My very generous mum bought me a chocolate Alexa for my birthday at the end of August, which I loved. I used it maybe a few times a week at most, and after a month or so I noticed that the postmans lock was becoming really tarnished - it looked like the bronze was just scratching off and it was sort of silvery underneath. I have some pics but they don't really show it so well. I decided that for such an expensive bag and after just such a short period of use, this was absolutely not on, so I went back to where it was purchased - House of Fraser in MetroCentre, Gateshead - to discuss having it sent off for repairs.

    I was quite ready to have it out with the sales assistant, as I thought I would be just be told it was natural wear and tear, but I had the loveliest woman help me out. I'd brought the bag back in it's original packaging with the receipt and explained how I'd only had it 3 months so didn't think this was acceptable for a bag that cost so much money, and she immediately agreed. She then said that normally they would send it back for Mulberry to inspect and then repair but because I'd had it such a short time she would happily exchange it for a new one to save me waiting, and promptly brought out a few new ones to choose from! She was so lovely about it all and went out of her way to explain about the different leathers in each bag and how they're not all the same etc, and basically made the whole experience so much more pleasant.

    I'm still slightly conscious the same problem might happen to this bag (!! I hope not obviously) but I did want to say there are some very helpful and knowledgeable SAs out there :smile:

    I plan on telling Mulberry this too - I don't think good service is acknowledged enough!
  13. :welcome2:

    This is exactly the sort of customer service that everyone should receive and I agree that good service isn't acknowledged enough.
  14. Hi Guys

    Im new to the forum and the world of Mulberry and I was going to purchase my first one in a few weeks time.
    I was after the Cookie Bag the SBS in Oak
    But I have to say having read this conversation im slightly concerned.
    I would have thought like all you have prev said, paying such a large sum of money for a bag for it to last a fair while and if any problems were encounted then the level of customer service to be excellent
    Im really having doubts now and I was soooo looking forward to getting my Cookie Bag tried it yesterday and it was lush x
  15. To be fair, I think you'll find it hard to find a brand where there hasn't been a customer service issue. I've got a few bags from other premium designers but I've always found Mulberry to be the most courteous and interested in customers. Other brands I've shopped with don't even tell you about leathers/care instructions unless you ask.

    I think you should go in with an open mind and if the SA is helpful and kind, buy it and take down their name and ask if there's any problem could you go back to them.