Bad experience buying/selling a chanel bag?

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    Hi girls!
    I do not know if this post is allowed but thought i start it so we can rant about our bad experience buying or selling our chanel bag because I sure had the worst one yesterday!

    Yesterday, after millions of sms being sent back and forth I finally decided to meet my buyer for my 10C Chanel Red GST, brand new with receipt and the whole package. This was after the fact that I drove all the way to her house one night and wasted my petrol only for her to sms and say "sorry i do not have cash right now". For Singapore viewers I travelled all the way to Admiralty when i stay in Jurong East!
    BUT STILL i saw the better in her and decided to deal again

    Here is how it went down which left me almost close to crying, it was so badd!

    -Change the venue )#)*@)*!)! no of times 5 mins before meeting up even though I told her it is inconvenient for me to move around with a huge chanel box.

    -SMS her ask her if she has ready cash the night before but right before meeting up she sms and said "oh **** i went to spend some cash already I need to find an atm and withdraw money". But it was ok i was still able to accpet that fact that eventhough I keep asking her to comfirm that we can deal to comfirm she has ready and exact cash she can just spend it right before we're meeting?

    -Met me half an hour late and checked the bag, ripped my whole chanel tissue and dumped it into the box :sad:

    -BUTTTT she still hasnt withdraw cash........zzzzz

    -Saw the Chanel Receipt which was based in Europe which she tore the receipt a bit as well.

    -She said this bag was for her sister and her sister will transfer money to my account before I pass her the bag. This was when I knew she was some phony I mean it is impossible for me to be outside and to check my account balance if someone transferred to me.

    -So she said she would go and withdraw money. She went off and left me there for 1 whole freaking hour until i finally called her because no one would take so long to withdraw the money with so many ATM around?

    -She said she decided not to deal because my bag is UNAUTHENTIC because it has a EUROPE RECEIPT!! Well, doesnt that answer her question, Europe do not produce counterfeit items!!

    -She then asked if I can go to a 2nd handshop to verify and I said yes.

    -She didn't call me back and kept hanging up on me. She told me she is talking to her sister who is telling her not to buy.

    -Finally got through to her and ranted to her for all the trouble she gave me.

    -Funny how I was willing to go to a 2nd handshop but she did not want. She said I could have affliation to the 2nd hand shop since I know where it is! Hence it is still UNAUTHENTIC. For Singapore viewers, there is only such a small handfull of second hand shop and we were at borders so the nearest was Attic Place!

    -OH THE WORST PART, while i was ranting to her abt the fact that i rearranged my whole schedule to meet her, took a cab to town to meet her, dorve to her house that day, she sympathise and said she will transfer SGD20 to my account for my trouble and she sms me saying she have transferred, I still wanted to believe her, I still had some faith left but I should have known better she did no such thing, why bother even saying transferred?

    Hai, but all in all this experience left me so devasted I was brought close to tears because I was just sitting there with a huge chanel bag waiting for her to come back. There was more complications to it but I just typed the gist of it. I was lucky my bf rushed down to comfort me or I will just break down in the middle of Orchard Road. But oh well we all have our bad experience!

    What about you guys?
  2. Wow I really feel for you orangeyish :sad: That is just terrible! Those buyers are ridiculous and have no sense of decency, shame on them! I hope that things will go smoothly for you later on :sad:
  3. Ohhhh I am so sorry to hear that!!! Forget about her and find another buyer! I have had my fair share of horrible Singaporean buyers.... offering ridiculously low prices, smsing and emailing back and forth only for them to change their mind last minute, Questioning my extremely reasonable price, the list is endless!!! Chin up ok? Learn from this experience! If you meet anyone like her again.. just move on. Not worth the trouble and hassle!!!
  4. Sorry to hear that the sale didn't go through. I'm saddened for you! You went above and beyond; chin up, move on. It is not worth thinking twice about. It definitely was not meant to be. I'm sure that you will sell it soon!
  5. Jaded81 : hahaha yes tell me about it, they're literally impossible, they can offer like 800 off the price i was asking for, it is RIDICULOUS, glad to know I am not the only one! Yes, when i price a reasonable price they keep asking me why I am even selling the bag when it is new at such a low price, they really think it was stolen etc yada yada, but if its stolen how can i provide the care card etc with it! tsk!

    reira08 : Thank you so much sweetie!
  6. Oh my! This is ridiculous. I feel so bad for you orangeyish. I had my fair share from both buyers and sellers. Most of them MIA after millions of emails and msgs of slashing my selling price and nego. Some of them said they flying down from dunno where just for my bag and then disappear after that. We are dealing with adults here and i hope these people can be more responsible and inform us if they change their mind, so that we can proceed on to more genuine buyers. But still, I hve come across nice buyers and sellers, so dun be discouraged.
  7. saks4me : Thank you :smile: I am trying to think better thoughts, felt a lot better once I woke up this morning!
  8. kathy_ly haha yes i guess all of us have our bad experience! But yes we're all adults I do not know why in the smsing and emailing world they can be so childish! I have been selling things online for a while now, I do have the occassional bad buyers but most are sincere and nice :smile: But its ok lesson learnt :smile: Thanks so much!
  9. That is terrible orangeyish! It breaks my heart knowing you bend over backwards and forward to accommodate this buyer and she didn't follow through on her end. Move on from this nightmare experience and you'll eventually find a nice buyer!
  10. I find when a sale becomes this difficult (you doing all the work and the buyer being rude and keeps putting you off, keeps you waiting and such) that's a red flag. When someone wants what I am selling they pay fast and give me good communication. It's when someone strings me along, that I realize they are not that serious about it.

    Sorry this happened to you though, it's a hassle. Next time you'll know better. (as we all have learned from experiences like this)

    I had an ebay buyer win an auction and then just utterly waste my time while they promise to pay, and they never do. Now I find I have to be much more strict with buyers. If they do not pay me within 3 days (my auctions state this), I will not sell to them. I find if they don't pay by 3 days, they usually do not pay at all. So I refuse to waste my time on them. The only exception I make is if they emailed me prior to winning, asking if they can pay by a certain day if they win. I understand if someone has to wait till pay day, and I find when they ask before hand, they always pay.

    I'm sure you have a gorgeous bag, and you'll sell it to a great person :yes:
  11. orangeyish- so sorry that you had this awful experience! I've had similar experience on ebay- although not with Chanel- with Gucci & Marc Jacobs- buyers there change their minds for any reason and then claim the bags are "unauthentic" which angers me & offends me to the core! I hope things get better to you. I'm sure your bag will find a home- to a much nicer person who will appreciate the bag!!!
  12. I'm so sorry for what happened to you orangeyish! :sad:
    Yes, it very common for people in Singapore to slash your price like crazy.
    Whenever I met with such buyers, I just tell them politely that the price is too low and dun try to deal with them anymore. I like to think that sincere buyers shouldn't ask for too much discounts.

    Cheer up! , I'm sure you will meet a good buyer soon :smile:
    (The good news is that you still have the chanel bag with you)
    As for the chanel paper, you can get the "tissue paper" from ArtFriend which I used it for wrapping designer bags. I think it cost only about SGD3.85 for 20 pieces or so.
  13. ................ i think she is a big problem. I think she is not sure if she should buy the bag or not.

    Or u find that u get it at a cheaper price since its from Paris and not willing to pay a higher price for that.

    Anyway, what she has done is totally unacceptable. Wasting someone else precious time. $ cannot even buy time. and going to n fro, taking cab and wasting time on her...... its too much.

    and to just disappear while withdrawing $ from ATM is too much too. Anyway there are ridiculous people ard us. and those that I cannot stand the most is no $ n still want to buy luxury items. If you do not have the $ or feel unsafe abt buying luxury items from another person, pls do yrself n others a favor by going to boutique n buy yr item. No $ then dont even think abt buying it.

    I tried to sell a brand new LV bag n having someone asking for 1k lesser........... ok i end up using that bag. its in wrapper etc and since so difficult to sell, i might as well save the time n effort n use it myself.
  14. Wow so sorry you had such a frustrating experience! It might be best though because it seemed like things were getting a but complicated. Hope you feel better! :smile:
  15. Wow. I am so sorry to hear of your traumatic experience. *hugs* Your poor thing.

    Just to add to what some tpfers have said about some buyers from particular countries/cultures (OK, I'm trying to phrase this carefully so that it doesn't come across as racist or discriminatory, so please forgive me if I don't do a good job): Several Balenciaga stores in the US and Europe have blacklisted Singaporean buyers for the reasons stated above or alluded to, to the extent that it was reported that SAs are quoted as saying they rather not deal with Singaporeans or any Chinese Asians if possible. True? I don't know - it's what I read here on tpf. Don't shoot me for relaying this statement.

    So don't feel too bad. I think there are bad apples everywhere, and the fact that you encountered one is not indicative of an entire country or race but you should take solace that even the actual stores are said to have problems with buyers from certain countries/cultures. Feel better!

    Phew, did I do a good job? I don't want to start a war of words about race and nationality... Apologies if anyone is offended.