Bad experience at the the Coach Store

  1. Two days ago I went to the Coach Store at Fashion Show Mall in Vegas to order my Pond Patent Ergo Tote. I want to add that I never shop at this store as I every time I have been in there to look at stuff or ask a question the SA's have been rude. Anyway this lovely woman ordered the bag for me. Today I got tracking info from Coach and when I tracked the package a picture of the bag came up and it was the WRONG BAG. She had accidentally ordered me the hobo. I called the store and they said they could have the package sent back and get me the correct bag. I went in to "reorder" my bag and the SA ... excuse me MANAGER ... that helped me was terrible. I know mistakes happen but she accidentally ordered me the wallet that was on the same page as the bag. When I corrected her she made some comment on how the catalogues are hard to read. I had the catalogue open and was pointing to the style number ... how hard is that?

    Anyway prior to placing my order I asked her if she would mind calling over to the new store that just opened at the Venetian to se if they had the bag. She wouldn't call telling me that as they were a new store they didn't know the merchandise well and there inventory numbers were off and they would have no way of telling me if they had the bag or not.

    Needless to say I went to the Venetian store and while they didn't have the Pond they had some patent leather and MUCH MUCH MORE!!! They were so nice there. They get all of my business from now on!
  2. WOW!!!!:cursing:
  3. Wow, sorry for the bad experience. I would spend my money elsewhere too!
  4. I'm so sorry that happened to you!
  5. Wow that is horribul! I am sorry that they ordered you the wrong bag and they were rude!
  6. Sorry to hear this!! some people are just super rude, I am glad you found better service at the other store. Dont let this make fall apart from :heart: Coach. Even tho I barely buy something my SA are super nice, they even sent me a thank you note after my first purchase I remember.
  7. Your story made me double-check my receipt from an Ergo bag that I ordered in the store this week. The SA ordered the wrong bag! I'm so annoyed b/c that bag was for my mom and she's eagerly awaiting it. Plus, it was hard to find. I'm just hoping I can locate another one!
  8. that was rude...

    i don't get it.. if these people don't like dealing with people, why work in sales? ugh.. rude sales people just urks me! :cursing:
  9. I am so sorry.. that is ridiculous. :tdown: I have been to the Fashion Show Mall Several times and had nothing but great service.. I also love the 2 stores at Caesars Palace!!! :yes: Glad you ended up getting better service even if you had to go somewhere else. :rolleyes:
  10. I get great service at Caesars ... totally nice folks.
    I had no idea that outlet bags sometimes didn't come with dust bags. I inquired at the store at Fashion Show about this ... and they male SA was so rude saying that Outlet bags NEVER come with dust bags ... and the boutique stores have NO extras. I think we all know this is not true. They actually offered me a 2nd dust bag at the store at the Venician when I mentioned that i hadn't got one with an outlet purchase!

    You should check out the new store. There isn't too much open in this mall yet but the Coach Store is great!

  11. Mistakes happen I suppose but how weird twice...
    When ordering from the catalogue they need to read the descriptions underneath instead of not just taking the 1st style number listed. Too many times its for the item on the previous page. I hope you find your bag.

  12. Exactly!!

    Sorry you had to deal with that :tdown:
  13. I have never had a male SA there but I do prefer Caesars sometimes because I feel like I can look and browse without them TOTALLY breathing down my neck.. although I know they mean well. They have all been great though.. I will check out that store.. next time I am there and not on a ban. :rolleyes: :p

  14. The nicest SA's are at my Coach boutique (Fayette Mall in Lexington, KY) and at my favorite outlet (Foley, AL). At that outlet, I found a bag that had the dust bag in it...I mentioned to the SA when I was checking out that it had one. She asked if I needed more and pulled out 5 more and put them in my bag! I love them.
  15. Geez how hard is it to order a bag?!?! Glad you finally got it sorted out.