Bad experience at the store today!

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  1. Hi everyone.

    Today I was at the LV store that I have been going to for years, my amazing SA relocated last year and I have not gotten a new "regular" SA. I went into the store with my mom who dresses very casually. We waited for an entire hour to be served, my mom later told me she was looked up and down my several SAs and felt very unwelcome. I did not see this but if I had we would have left immediately.

    When it was finally our turn I asked for the new Rosalie wallet that was unfortunately not in stock and asked if they could put the item away for me or text me when it did come back in. The SA who has worked there for years kept insisting I come by the store myself sometime next week. I explained that I work and if they could put it away or at least text me it would make everything so much easier. The SA refused and we left the store ten minutes after waiting for an entire hour.

    Keep in mind I have been a loyal customer for years and for them to look my mom up and down like she is unworthy of being in that store is beyond appalling. Whenever I have been in there myself I have always been treated with dignity and respect and have had them put away items for me on numerous occasions. I was planning on purchasing the Capucines pm for my birthday but this has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    What do you think of the situation, am I overreacting? And should I still get the bag after this? Would love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Yes.
  3. No- a simple hello- someone will be right with you and smile is not too much to ask- try a different location if one is near you or try a different day- then think about moving on
  4. I think you were helped by an SA who was less than helpful today and it's a shame you left feeling the store the way you did.. However, you are giving that SA entirely too much power and influence over you. Seriously! Go back in there with your head held high and let a different SA assist you. The SA's at LV are on commission now, so it's her loss!!
  5. +1 well said!!!!
  6. You are not overreacting. Even I'm insulted that they looked your mom up and down! You shouldn't have to beg to make a purchase. I've never had an issue asking an SA to reserve an item for me. Hope you're able to visit another store and get the experience you deserve.
  7. Sorry you feel like you and your mom were being judged on your casual attire. I never dress up fancy to go to LV, I do not see a reason to and people shouldn't be made to feel like they need to. Also I do not see why the SA couldn't text you when the item came in. As far as waiting an hour maybe they were really busy and that's why yiu had to wait an hour? You didn't mention how many people were in the store so I'm not sure.,

    Yes get the bag, don't let this experience ruin the bag for you. Maybe you can find a different SA to work with.
  8. Agree. You are making an assumption based on an event that you did not witness. The fact that you had to wait your turn, implies that it was a very busy day in that store. They may have been looking at you wondering what you were doing standing around. :smile: If you're too busy to check the store, try calling the CS and have them put one on hold for you.
  9. I am shocked that you waited an hour. A full hour?! Was it because you were busy browsing and enjoying or were you literally sitting or standing and waiting for one hour??

    It must be an area thing.. Here in my city (Manila, Philippines), we walk in the store and SAs are in formation by the door and will pounce on you like a hawk (I noticed this especially after April 1, 2016).

    On the days nobody attends to me at the DOOR of my local boutique, I eye the guard when I walk through the doors and usually he panics and runs to flag an SA for me. Who will in turn approach me, say hello and assist me from a meter of the door. We usually chat about my needs from there and he/she walks me to the right area of the store.

    I also remember in Hong Kong, I am attended to immediately as well whenever I go anywhere near a glass counter or shelf. Even when the store is very busy. And I am usually with family who are dressed (too) casually when I am at LV Hong Kong.

    I am sorry to hear you had to wait. I find it strange. But I do suggest trying another time. Don't mind the SAs or take it to personally. They don't own LV! Go in, browse around and if nobody helps you, ask for assistance nicely.. that's what I would do.
  10. Commission? They changed their policy for SA?
  11. That's what everyone is saying now. I assume someone who has a close relationship with their SA confirmed it.

    Post April 2016 in my country, I FELT a huge difference with my SA. I felt EXTRA effort, extra smiles.. even fresh juice (grape AND strawberry with fresh fruit at the rim) while I was browsing... So I believe it's true even if I never asked my SA straight. :biggrin:
  12. Yes, my SA told me. They get commission now. It's a fairly recent change.
  13. I find that if I dress casually, I never get helped whereas if I dress nicely, I get helped right away. This has happened to me in numerous stores, most recently when I was in Rome. It's super frustrating and disappointing at the same time.
  14. Why did you have to wait for an hour? Were they really busy? When I go to my store I'm always dressed casually whether I'm just there to try something on or make a purchase . Sorry to hear you were being judged based on what you were wearing. However, don't let this one bad experience ruin it for you though. Ask for a different SA next time you're there or order online.
  15. Yes, according to my SA they are now on commission.