bad experience at LV

  1. so, at the ripe age of 16, i walked into the LV boutique for the first time yesterday. Sadly, it wasn't for myself but i was on a mission to buy a bag for my mom (with my dad's money of course :rolleyes: ). so i headed to the LV boutique in Tysons (by the tiffanys) with my older sister and i were expecting an SA to completely jump on us and offer her service. Well we walked in and we looked around and were completely IGNORED for 20 minutes. my sister and i were standing at the counter pointing at bags and at wallets, but the SAs weren't paying any attention to us. finally some guy offered to bring down a bag for us, and he did and then he said "i'll be right back". he left and didn't come back. then another SA came and brought down another bag for us and left. We wanted to ask some questions but the SAs kept on coming and going and acted as if we had all day to wait for them :noworry: my sister and i were so pissed off at their service that we left and went to the LV in Neiman Marcus at Tysons 2. their service was so much better (and it seemed like they had more stuff...?) and we walked out with a mono speedy 30 and a damier business card case.

    moral of my story: go to Neiman Marcus.
  2. agh- so sorry to hear that! I hate snobby Sa's! hehe you could pull a Pretty Woman, walk in with your bag and say "big mistake. HUGE!"
  3. If that ever happened to me I would have complained to the manager. There is no excuse for rudeness!
  4. hey ya
    i'm really sorry that happened to you and your sister!!! ***hugs*** but im glad it didnt stop you both from buying LV!
  5. Try asking for help next time. It will grab attention. It's just as rude to expect people to read your mind. Granted it's a boutique and that's their job, but most people probably do just look so they don't bother to ask everyone if they need help. Also, LV employees are non-commission.
  6. Sorry to hear about your experience. On a happier note, did your mom like her present?:biggrin:
  7. Sorry to hear about your experience. Sometimes when you're young or looked young, you'll get discriminated by the SA. :mad:
  8. yea, LV employees don't work on commission, so they really don't care if they get your sale or if you go to another SA.. it's all the same anyway.

    from a sales associate POV:
    you do have to consider that you went on a SATURDAY.. the DAY BEFORE MOTHER'S DAY! omg! crazy girl! lol. :graucho:

    i went to a managers retail meeting for south coast plaza last month in prep for this month, and the managers for both the boutique and the Saks sub-tique said that Mothers Day & Christmas are their BIGGEST volume days and BUSIEST days of the year. go figure, i can't imagine why! hahaha. :rolleyes:

    and from a customer's POV:
    i'd be a little irked too.. but it does help to ask for assistance.
  9. wow very rude...I expect someone to say hello or something when I come in, especially if there aren't alot of people in the store, I get the same treatment sometimes...I look young so people ASSume that I don't have money :rant: it is really irritatingQQ
  10. IMO...sales assistants are there to ASSIST you. That's what they are getting paid for! Especially in a high-end boutique, you shouldn't have to ask for help. It's their job to offer it. No mind reading involved.

    They probably made the assumption that because of your age, you were there to look and not buy. Which isn't right. Besides, there are young women out there who have plenty of money to spend at the boutiques.
  11. I totally agree Leah!

    Looks can be deceiving. The SAs were wrong to ignore you.

    Part of sales is helping people, ALL people.

    Two SAs showed you bags, neither could ask if you needed some help? Sheesh.

    IMHO those 2 SAs need a career change.
  12. I was really young when I bought my first LV and I got the same treatment.
    It's amazing, but it seems like some SAs just ASSUME that if you're TOO young, there's not a hope that you can actually afford anything in the boutique.

    Glad you had better service elsewhere.
  13. How terrible that you received poor service from LV - busy or not, there is no excuse for not coming back to see how you like the bag, etc. If that was me, I would call the manager tomorrow and share how things went. If the manager is supportive, hopefully you can make him/her your contact person or they can give you a name of an SA that is good. If the manager is just as bad, go to NM for all your LV purchases!
  14. Ive actually had excellent experiences at that particular boutique. My SA there is Yasmine...she is soo sweet and always willing to help and listen to me justify my purchases:rolleyes: ..on the other hand, i can see how that would happen because there are a few stuffy SA's there as well.
  15. I'm so sorry that you've had such a bad experience with those SAs. But I'm glad that you were treated much better by the SAs at Neimans. And on a side note, I NEVER knew that the SA don't work on commission! I'm so embarassed. :shame: