Bad experience at LV store


May 26, 2008
OMG YES... I got my first LV (mono speedy 30) there in January. Then I went back there for my Damier speedy 30 a few weeks ago... The girl who helped me was kind of backhandedly nice. I wasn't a 100% sure on the speedy 30 or the MM neverfull... and I was just taking a few extra minutes to see what one i liked more... I could see she was rolling her eyes. And she made a big sigh when I asked her to box it up.... I also had to almost had to do a back filp to get any kind of attention... I was thinking of asking where in LA was good to go, cause I have the same problem at Century City as well.
I've always had good luck at Saks, Beverly Hills. Also, there will be an LV inside the new Neiman Marcus, Topanga. I think the grand opening is around 9/3. Don't go to Hollywood LV, they are rude!


Geek Chic!
Sep 10, 2006
Portland, OR
I've always had good luck at Saks, Beverly Hills. Also, there will be an LV inside the new Neiman Marcus, Topanga. I think the grand opening is around 9/3. Don't go to Hollywood LV, they are rude!
OH yeah my bf and i totally had a bad experence at hollywood and highland on friday... He and i went in to look at the a few bags that will fulfill a bet that he lost. We also went to look at the Damier Graphite iphone case. He met me at the store... when he got there I had my speedy parked on the Case by the iphone case for AT LEAST 20 minutes only when he got there and started to get antsy did the SECURITY GUARD, say i'll go get someone for you.. by the time the girl got there DBF was so annoyed he just wanted to find out if our iphones would fit in the new graphic cases (they don't) and leave. I am holding out hope that the LV in topenga is gonna be better! they have the best Tiffany's around. I want to buy my neverfull this week but will most like hold out till the meet up on the 6th.


Aug 29, 2008
Whittier, CA
I would return the bag, even for store credit. Go back another day and find a different SA and buy it again. You will enjoy the new bag more. and hopefully get treated better. I have bought my stuff at Saks and not the LV store at South Coast Plaza because the SAs are rude. Saks SAs are the nicest most helpful around. Good luck!


Jun 27, 2008
Sunny Califonia
OMG this pisses me off! I hate when I hear stories like this. Who do they think they are! they are friggin RETAIL workers! They are minimum wage like the rest of retail working class society. I would have not bought anything from them. But anyhoo I just went to the Hollywood & Highland one and they were very helpful, best experience ever. wayyyy better than Berverly Center.


Aug 31, 2006
Hey- Sorry I saw this so late. The past three years I have been in Amsterdam several times each year for work. The LV store is exactly how Alessia said!!!! There were maybe 4 people and 6 employees. Everyone ignored me. I thought perhaps because I was sightseeing and it was winter, I didn't look that great so I came back the next day dressed for a dinner appointment, nothing. No help. They dont even look you in the face. Its horrible. On other occasions when I thought let me call them instead, still no help, they are short and really dont want to help you. I thought maybe it was because I was American and speaking english but then I got so mad I called the Paris number and the little frenchman who helped me was the opposite, he found my bag, had the boutique hold it for me and even passed me to the SA who was lovely and reccomended a charming hotel she had stumbled upon. When I get there that weekend there is a card from her welcoming me.

I thought it was just me who was treated like this at the Amsterdam store, I figured I dont wear flashy things and don't look like anyone special... Now that I know its not me, I am going to write a letter to the headquarters in Paris. I think everyone who is treated badly at a store should do the same, if its more than just one letter they know there is a problem.

I wonder, how did it end did you return the bag?

I hate it when it is your word against the SA's. I bought a pochette miroire in Honolulu that had glue stains on it when I took it back to show them I had to argue my side and then thank god there was an SA who had said in fact someone else returned one with that same problem so it was something on their side not mine.


Nov 18, 2006
Las Vegas, Nevada
This happened to me at the St. Barth boutique.. But once they entered my name into the computer, they quickly changed their tune.

They will probably give you hell if you try to return the items. They will probably claim that you damaged it or that it smelled bad and that they couldn't accept it as a return.