Bad experience at LV store

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  1. Sorry for my long rant, but i'm still frustrated about how i was treated at the LV store in Amsterdam yesterday. I went in the store and it wasn't that busy at all (4 customers), there were enough SAs (i counted 6) available but none of them would bother to help me. And when i went to one of the SAs she tells me she's busy. But in fact, she was just standing there doing nothing (by the way, did not even bother to look at me when talking to me)! I waited for half an hour at the counter untill someone bothered to help me! And while she was helping me, she also helped someone else (smiling at the other customer, but not at me)! I was so angry at her, but still did not want to make a scene in the store. Finally i bought a speedy azur 30 and a damier pochette, and i guess i was too angry to notice but today i noticed that she 'forgot' to give me the lock +keys that comes with the speedy, and she also did not pack it in boxes like i normally get when i go to the London LV store. Instead i got dustbags that were too small for my bags! Okay, and get this, i went back to the store today and they laughed at me and told me they could do nothing for me, abruptly cut off the discussion and went on to serve other customers!!
    I have never in my life been treated this bad as a customer before! I was dressed properly like i always am, but still, it shouldn't matter, i'm a paying customer, they should treat everyone equally.

    Anyone know how i can file a complaint? And more importantly, would i get my lock for my speedy?

    Thanks for reading :shame:
  2. You need to call their 1-800 # and tell them about the situation right away. I'm sure you'll get a resolution and FAST!!!!
  3. I get upset when I read about situations like this. Why would the store employees behave this way? Is this store in a particular kind of neighborhood that is "snobby?" I'll tell you, I don't get the world. If it is any comfort, I think most people have experienced this kind of treatment at one time or another. For certain call customer service and complain.
  4. I don't get it either why they would let employees behave like this, especially for the amount of money we pay for the bags. I'm so upset right now.

    deb68nc, i'm not from the us, i'm from holland and i don't know the european/dutch customer service number.

    I'm really at a lost right now, i'm don't know where to begin with my complaint. I can't call the store itself, because they already know me and won't take me seriously...
  5. you definitely need to call customer service at the 1-800 number. this is inexcusable.
  6. I would call the store and ask for the manager. Explain the situation -- unfriendly staff, etc. -- and tell him you will be coming by to pick up your lock and key and larger dust bags and boxes for your purchases. If he/she is not helpful, ask for the phone number of their corporate office. I found phone numbers for Customer Service in France, Austria, Germany and Italy -- would any of these help you?
    Good Luck and keep us posted!
  7. If I were you, I'd do my shopping somewhere else. That way you'd gain better experience there. If not go back and do your return and let them know how you were treated. Or call the 1-866 CS and tell them what happened and have them call the store and speak to the sales manager. If everything goes well, go back and find the sales manager who's working on the floor.

    Hoped everything works out!:hugs:
  8. Gosh, I hate SAs like that, as if they are THE Louis Vuitton when they are just SAs who are paid to serve customers like us who enter the store! Without us, they wont have work!
  9. Call the 1-800 # for sure. I can't believe they behaved that way. Usually when I go into any store and no one helps me, or I get treated badly, I leave. I do not buy anything no matter how much I like the items.
    I hope you get your dust bags + lock & keys.
  10. I would return everything you bought and buy it elsewhere. Then call customer service and explain why. Then write corporate and copy the manager of the store.
  11. Yes return all the items and demand for a refund. You will never enjoy those bags if it has a bad memory of how you were treated when you got them. Make sure you let them know you will report them to LV management once you make the return.
  12. Just as Charleston-Mom said, I would return everything to that store. I would also let them know I will be buying it at another LV boutique that treats their customers better. They are so rude. No excuse for that treatment.
  13. I agree with what the others here have said: return your purchases and start over at another store.
  14. def return your purchases to that store and let them know one deserves this type of sorry for you
  15. That sounds exactly like what happens everytime I go into the Beverly Center LV. And I have bought a lot of stuff in there in the past... I will never buy anything in the store ever again.