bad experience at LV boutique.

  1. warning: rant! long post! i finally got to a computer with enough time to tell my story!

    well, around 2 weeks ago i was in the LV boutique of Short Hills. i was there because i wanted to personally purchase the riveting pochette and bindi sunglasses in fuschia instead of buying them off elux. i got there, i was dressed pretty modestly- nice cami, sass & bide jeans, white chanel flats, and my damier azur speedy 25. i expected to have an SA help me with a nice demeanor, but nope. all the SAs were busy so the other customers who needed assistance basically formed some sort of "line" around the showcase tables and whatnot. as the SAs became available and more and more customers were being helped, i realized that i wasn't. finally the guard near me catches on and calls one of the SAs who just finished up with another customer and was talking to her coworker. the guard motions her to come help me, she looks at me and looks bothered. this lady, she looked pretty young, comes up to me, looks at me from head to toe, stares at my bag for a good minute, examines me, and continues to stare but focuses on my face this time, then asks me with attitude, "are you being helped?" wowow. was i apppaaaullleeeed. i calmly answered, "no, but i'll wait for another sales associate, thank you." she walks away, laughing and giggling, back to the back where her & another SA stare at me and conversate about me. i'm only almost 18 and look even younger so maybe this could be a factor, but still, i was very insulted. i just left and was so sad that i didn't even try going to another shop, i just ordered as soon as i got home :sad:
  2. Are you sure you didn't misinterpret her? Also if there are a lot of customers in a store you can't expect to get help at once, it hasen't got anything to do with looks.
  3. i don't think so. i wasn't upset about waiting, i didn't mind that, it was just the attitude and way she came about helping me. it was rude and demeaning. =/
  4. awh so sorry to hear this :sad: no one deserves to be treated like this!! i know i wouldn't stand for such attitude from an SA which is why i really only prefer to deal with one, and she's awesome. i love her.

    hopefully next time you won't have to resort to ordering off elux just because sales associates are nasty :sad:
  5. too bad you had to go thru that. but i hope you don't generalize, there are some really nice and helpful SA's out there :smile:
  6. REPORT HER!! Geesh!! They friggin think they are da **** because they SELL vuitton.. I would get sooo mad!!
  7. You should have got another SA, purchased your items and ignore her altogether. After all who has time for all these? You are after your Vuittons!
  8. Please send a letter. This is poor customer service period. No establishment shoud be treating its customers in such a way. I hope you enjoy and post your new items when they arrive :smile:
  9. I had my share of Below-standard SA's (that's the most wholesome word I can think of that starts with a "B":graucho:) in the boutiques but you have to stand your ground. There was this guy in ours that is really intimidating. Imagine a stuck up butler. He kept restocking the items even before I decided. I got so mad, left the store and went to another boutique. I wrote to customer relations in NYC even. Eventually, as I bought several items in the course of a month, I guess he began to recognize me. Today, his demeanor is still the same. Still that stuck up, pompous way of his. But the difference is, he smiles at me and asks if I have been helped and all that. They do try and create a posh atmosphere in LV and I for one am not the rich guy who can purchase the whole store, so I feel intimidated sometimes. So sorry this happened to you and I hope it won't deter you from going back into that store and show that SA who is on the other side of the counter.
  10. Sounds like the security guard would make a better SA!
  11. posting this experience up helped me and made me feel much better. =) thanks!!
  12. aww thats horrible!! I am so sorry to hear that, it makes me so mad hearing about rude SA's!!!!!!
  13. With all these stories lately, there should really be a dedicated thread to "LV boutique Experiences" !!

    i hope you got what you wanted off elux....the thrill is the same if not better....
  14. Sorry to hear about your experience, it seems like the LV customer service has gotten worse.

    I pretty much experienced the same thing. A week ago, hubby, 19 month old son and I went to Holt and visited the LV section. I wanted to show my hubby the denim mini pleaty. We got there, it wasn't busy and there were 2 SA's doing nothing. So I pointed at the mini pleaty and told my hubby that is what I wanted, hubby told me to ask if we could see it and hold it. I asked the SA if I could see it and hold it....She then hesitated to come over to us and then you could see it on her face she didn't want to get the bag, she gave us the look of "I don't want to serve you" kinda thing. She wasn't even smiling, I mean I had my speedy damier 30 with me, wearing decent clothing and I don't think I looked like I slob like I can't afford the bags. Anyway, she got up and showed my the bag while she was slouching and basically not paying attention to what I was asking.... So anyway, my hubby was to unhappy with their service and basically said it not so loud "I don't mind buying you that bag, but you're not going to buy that bag from her"....I agree....We left and we didn't buy...

    So that's my story...I am sure not all LV stores are like that.... When I bought my Damier from the same store but with a different SA, it was a pleasurable experience. So basically I will only buy something there if my SA is there....

    Anyway, I am done ranting....Just my 2 Canadian cents...:p
  15. I'm so sorry that you were treated rudely. I would definately report her. You have every right to be treated with respect no matter how old you are or how you are dressed when you come into a store.