Bad experience at Hermes Plam Beach

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  1. Yesterday I went into the H store in Palm Beach while I was on a business trip with my dh. I was carrying my 35 gold birkin and dressed for a business dinner accessorized with a H scarf (this info is just for reference if anyone is wondering if I walked in like a bum off the street).

    When I went in an SA greeted us and "demanded" my dh to put his umbrella by the wall(the only reason my dh took a few min to figure out where to put it b/c they didn't have an umbrella stand). There was no "Please or "Thank you". She made it seem like we wanted to drip water all over her store.

    She then asked me if I needed any help and started to stare at my birkin. As I was talking to her she kept on looking down at my birkin like she was questioning the authenticity of it (by the way I purchased my birking at my local H 2 months ago, so there is not doubt that my bag is real).

    Then I asked her if I can try the 30 chocolate birkin she had on display. When I tried it on I thought it was a bit small for my style since I like big tote bags. She then tells me that is a better size then my 35 and that she doesn't like it when ppl " let the bag wear them instead of wearing the bag" implying that my 35 is wearing me. She said that she like the bag that I was trying and she couldn't buy it b/c she is an employee. Well if she is so hot she should quit her job so she can buy whatever she wants.

    Later I commented on how beautiful the pink croco with diamonds they had on display and she just gave me a snooty answers of "It's 140 000.00 dollars" and I didn't even ask for the price. I am sorry, I have seen other croco birkin with diamonds before and other SA's even offer to let me try it they never make it seem like I am not good enough for it.

    Also when my dh was telling me that the PB store seemed smaller than most of the other H store that we went to. She jumped into the conversation and gave us a snooty comment of "we are opening a much bigger store across the street but it's not done it".

    There is a lot more to this story but I don't have time to list all of it. Let just say my experience with this store was not a good one. I have been into many H store and all the SA have been very nice and I always leave with something. This H store was the worst I ever been to and if I was a first time H shopper this would stop me from ever going again.

    Here are a few answer that I would expect from a professional SA.

    " I am sorry sir we don't have an umbrella stand today would you mind putting your umbrella by the wall, thank you"

    "I understand that you prefer a 35 birkin unfortunately we don't have any right now, can I show you anything else?"

    " Yes the pink croco is very beautiful and special. Would you like to see it"

    " yes our store is a bit small but our new store will be opening soon and it will be bigger and I hope you will come visit us when it opens."

    Ladies and Gents. Am I asking for too much?

    I always been nice to all SA and I never waste their time. When I buy something I make it quick and easy for them and I never return anything unless it's damaged.
  2. So sorry to hear about your bad experience! :sad: It's definitely not asking too much to expect to be treated with respect. And what's with the SA's checking out the bags like they are fake lately? That happened to me too and mine came directly from H too so I felt like telling them to stop staring at it. :rolleyes:
  3. I'm so sorry this happened to you....I would of been very UPSET:sad: and said a few things....being I have a very BIG Mouth.

    I'm glad this is not your local store, and she just lost YOUR business.....HER LOSS...Please don't let her get to you during the HOLIDAY season!:heart:
  4. It's not the first time I've heard something along these lines about that store.
  5. I am so sorry you had such a negative experience, C! I don't think it is at all unreasonable to expect someone to be, at a minimum, polite! Thank goodness that isn't your regular H boutique... hopefully you can have a nice experience asap to wash the bad taste out of your mouth.

    I have found the best customer service in the most unexpected places... yesterday my nieces took me to their favorite, uh, "boutique" - Hot Topic!?! The staff was so kind and went out of their way to help me surprise one of my nieces with some Christmas gifts; I just couldn't get over how wonderful the service was in this most surprising place!
  6. cxyvr...that is my store and let me tell are pretty much stating how it is there.

    If you don't mind me asking what was the leather on the 30 birkin? I ask because I am waitlisted there and do you think they called me for that? NO!!!

    I have been waiting all year for a call.

    I wonder what SA that was...does it really matter? I could tell you stories!

    You are better than them...don't ever return!
  7. yeah I told my dh I am prepared for it if it happens again. I was just too shocked yesterday.

    I am going to say "can I help you, what are you starting at? unless you are going to comment on how nice my birkin or outfit is you shouldn't stare like that, it's rude."
  8. wow. soo sorry about ur experience with this store. i just had to comment bc i had a convo with the SAs at the vegas store last night regarding snooty SAs (at the time i was praising the vegas SAs cause they are all total sweethearts!!) and the vegas SAs all brought up the palm beach store specifically. i've never been there myself but apparantly the SAs have heard lots of horror stories from their customers about the palm beach SAs and how rude and snooty they are to them.
  9. The leather is evercalf....I don't know if I got that right but I remember it's ever..something
  10. I read bad stories before but I had to try it out. How I regretted that.....

    Since other stores knows how bad they are, I am sure their manager knows also. I guess there is no point of calling the manager to complain. My dh was going to call and talk to the manager.
  11. :yes: There have been a couple of times I have simply asked the person giving bad service, "Have I done something to offend you?" The typical response is, "I'm just really tired... having a bad day... just got yelled at by my boss..." Then it usuallly gets better pretty quickly when they realize I'm not willing to be their doormat. (:yes: , I'm a recovering doormat...)
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  12. Nothing shocks me about that boutique....I was just talking about the boutique tonight on the phone. They are there to serve the elite clientele...that is what I see. Unless you walk in and something might be on the shelf.

    I wonder if they will ever call me?

    There is no such thing at PB about establishing a relationship with an SA. I have a lovely SA there...maybe it is the management!
  13. 'Well if she is so hot she should quit her job so she can buy whatever she wants.'

    You should tell her this.
  14. some people do not axquire any manners, unfortunately the hiring manager did not see that in the SA that he hired.
    There is no excuse for her behavior, I'd write a letter of complaint hopefully you got her name.
  15. Unbelievable!! The bit about the SA staring at your Birkin is truly addition to the rest of it. The worst treatment I've gotten in an H store is to be ignored.
    I like Ms. Twilly's tactic, I will need to try that in the future should something like that occur to me.