bad experience at Chanel!!


Sep 5, 2006
:hysteric: My husband took me to SF chanel boutique today to buy the white J12 watch I've been dying to have. He basically just told me this morning to get ready to go out. I really didn't know where he was going to take me, so I just put on a pair of jeans and shirt. When we finally got to SF he told me that for our anniversary he would buy me the J12. I was so excited. But once we got in the boutique, we kinda got the cold shoulder from the SA's. It wasn't like it was busy, they saw us come in and basically pretended to be busy with other things. So we waited patiently but not one SA offered to show us anything. My husband got so mad and wanted to tell them off, but I told him that maybe we should just leave, so we did. What's wrong with them? They treated us like we were lepers


Aug 2, 2006
OMG! That is awful!! Unfortunately I'm gathering that's how it is...Make no mistake about it...People are rude and too quick to judge people on first inspection....The worst part about that is that it ruined your anniversary memory!!! Fat chance going back there with DH, huh!?!?! My husband wouldn't go back either...actually I doubt he would even go in....Can you go somewhere else? That really bothers me but I think appearance scores points in these boutiques..It's an unfortunate truth ... I'm going to NY with my Mom next year and already told her we're dressing up to go to Chanel! She laughed but agreed...'Back in the day' you dressed up to shop..period...Hope you get your beautiful bag soon! Good luck! Give DH a big hug..He deserves it!! It's the thought that counts..!! :heart: Emmy


Sep 5, 2006
thanks for the replies, I would have dressed up but didn't know we were going there. I've heard of people not getting good service just by the way they look. So I guess the only way I will get good service is if I look like I have millions. that just shows how looks is everything. I guess I will have to go somewhere else coz my husband refuses to go back to that boutique and knowing hubby he will have something to say to them.


Aug 17, 2006
Uh uh! You shouldn't have to dress up. IMO, you were dressed appropriately. That burns me up.:cursing: Who the hell are they!? They're store employees! They're job is to assist YOU, the customer! A lot of nerve, they have. Bhurry, this reminds me of an episode of Absolutely Fabulous. Edina was in an art gallery. When she walked in, the girl behind the desk snobbily looked her up and down. Long story short, Edina told her "you only work in a shop, you can drop the attitude". Classic! And I know it's gonna come in handy for me one day.;)


I run with scissors
Apr 22, 2006
That is so annoying. Ya know, I went to college with the guy whose family owned Phillips Oil, and the family went everywhere in Wranglers, t-shirts an drove sort of beat up American cars.

The Snorks

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Aug 10, 2006
I am sick, absolutely SICK, of these SAs treating potential customers like shi*t based on their appearance. After all, you are giving them your hard-earned money, what should it matter what you are wearing? If I were in this situation, I would NOT give Chanel my money; there are so many other gorgeous purses, why buy into their bullsh*t?


Sep 15, 2006
Sorry to hear of your bad experience.
It's bad enough when SA just stood there and ignore a customer, whatmore pretended to be busy..!
Yeah, I hate it when SA tends to judge on the customer dressings before they decide yes or not to attend to them.. But sadly this is often happening be it in Chanel or other such places.. - tho not all SAs are like that.
You made the right choice anyway to leave.. There's no point on buying from people providing you such service..
Should you have approached them, yes, they wld definitely served you.. But that would also show that they served you cos you showed that you can afford it.. - "hipocrisy service" I call that!
Especially that this is for your anniversary, let the whole experience be special. You can always go to another boutique and buy from people who are more than happy to give you a sincere good service..even when you're dressed in slippers! ;)


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Sep 18, 2006
I went to the Chanel Boutique in Chicago about a month ago and I was dressed nice AND carrying a Chanel bag, but the two SA's completely ignored me for the longest time ... then one finally looked at me and asked if I needed help, but the look and tone was not very pleasant at all. :shrugs:

The SA I just ordered the Lady Braid from over the phone was SUPER nice tho!


May 23, 2006
Bhurry, I am so sorry to hear about your experience w/Chanel. I know how it feels to really want something only to be treated w/the cold shoulder. It is ALL TO FAMILIAR to me. Anywho, I have a SA at that Chanel store that I could call and see if he was working today. If he wasn't, I could pm you his info or vice versa and have him contact you to give you personal service for the item you are seeking. If so, just pm me. I hate to see you miss out on the item for your anniversary due to the ignorance of a few SA's.


Feb 26, 2006
That is so annoying. Ya know, I went to college with the guy whose family owned Phillips Oil, and the family went everywhere in Wranglers, t-shirts an drove sort of beat up American cars.

I went to college with Phillips Oil family as well - 3 brothers. They were really nice and down to earth although they got a new corvette every year. Where did you go to school?


Dec 14, 2006
Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I have been a SA for over 8 years & it bothers me to hear stories like that. I believe there are two kinds of sales people. 1)the register jockey 2)the sales person. The register jockey usually has a chip on his/her shoulder & thinks each customer is an obstacle. To them, each customer is a faceless customer. The sales person treats each customer as a potential client. A real sales person isnt bullshitting themself & knows that this is their career,not a job. I treat every woman how I would want my wife to be treated & I treat every man how I would want to be treated. Great relationships & friendships can come from the least expected places. I'm not making excuses for those people that were rude to you,but, you cant take it personal. Try not to let a few bad apples ruin it for the rest of us. Oh, & hey, Happy Anniversary


Dec 5, 2006
I grew up in NYC and I always shopped in jeans etc. I never got help in Saks or anywhere. So I learned to just go over and ask for help--in a very matter of fact way.

I had been in NM looking at Chanel bags for a week. The same SA never looked at me and pretended to be on the computer each time I went in. So, a few days ago I bought the purple Rock and Chic bag from the nice SA I met a month ago. I called her and she had the bag on hold for me. I bought the bag and chatted with my SA in front of the idiot SA. Afterwards, I gave her a list of all the Chanel bags I am looking for, and she invited me to the preview.

This was my sweet revenge. I say, don't get upset--get them where it hurts--:yahoo: $$$$$$$