Bad experience at Burberry store in London

  1. While in London last month, i stopped by the Burberry on Regent Street and was treated so rudely! I asked a question about cleaning the Burberry bag i was carrying with me and was laughed at - they said my bag was decades old and made me feel like a jerk for carrying it (it was purchased in 2006).

    I couldn't believe how i was treated, this experience was enough to turn me off Burberry.
  2. Sorry to hear that.

    I hate when SA's think they're better than shoppers.

    Maybe you can write a letter to the corporate office?
  3. Oh, I seriously hate being treated that way when I'm shopping.
    I love the dress shop in Neiman Marcus, but HATE shopping in the one and only store in my area. They are retail snobs. As if they are better than you:rolleyes: I just don't get it:shrugs:
  4. OMG we have the same problem in my country in almots all shops, maybe because of the nationality of the SA we have here, they also always give us the most expensive thing in the shop and when we say it is out of our budget they treat us the same way, !!! as if they can afford it? and if they can why they are warking as SA ironic!

    P.S: I am not saying working as a SA is not good but they shouldnt make us feel very bad of our self while they also can not afford?
  5. i know! the attitude drives me crazy! We are buying your items, which means we are paying your salary - try and treat us a bit nicer.
  6. they probably dont like americans
  7. File an official complaint, SA's are supposed to represent the brand and the brand really cares about its customers.. Like you said, it's enough to turn you off Burberry and the brand doesn't want to lose customers.. I'm sorry this happened to you, I've had my fair share of bad experiences but filing complaints actually improved the way SA's treated the customers..
  8. I cant stand stuck up sales assistants.

    Dont let it get to you they need to start doing their job and get off their high horse.
  9. I fly to NYC 2x a year and work with a older French woman at Bergdorf's. She is the most kind, most gracious SA I have ever had the pleasure to know. And she probably makes at least $250K a year.
  10. I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience I would write a letter to corporate or contact the store and ask to speak to a manager. Who knows you may get a gift card or discount off on a Burberry purchase due to the bad encounter that happened to you. Luxury retail brands these days due to the economy can't afford to be acting like that when they need business. And rude sales staff like that are stupid because they probably work on commission.
  11. i don't think that was it. first off, there was no way for them to know i was american, and not canadian. second, i was treated fantastically the rest of the time in london. British people generally don't have a problem with americans, they understand that even though they don't necessarily like the govt's decisions, the american people arent' at fault.

    also, i was in paris on the same trip, and expected that treatment from the french at the louis vuitton store, but they were so friendly and helpful.
  12. just say...
    "It's still a good thing that I visit yo' store, looking at your made in China bags!"
    super snotty SAs are the biggest turn off in this kind of economy, is the SA male or female?
  13. That makes me sooo angry - who do these people think they are? Being a shop assistant is not exactly rocket science, so I'd tell them to shove it! If the attitude they've got has something to do with money, most can assume we make more than them - they are just working in a shop after all!!
    So rude and unnecessary!
  14. attitude suck.. they r there to serve people
  15. The SAs in that store are absolutely amazing!

    I hate shop assistants who think they are better than you. There seem to be a lot of those here in Germany... That's why I prefer spending money abroad. :shrugs: