bad ebay sellers trying to trick me!!! >.<

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  1. I keep on getting emails saying u've won my louis vuitton auction, or i see you interested in buying blah blah and i have one, etc etc..

    eg a mirror pap:
    Congratulations! You committed to buy the following item:[​IMG]

    Sale price:US $300.00Quantity:1Subtotal:US $300.00Postage & Handling: : FedEx Next Day Airso annoy:hysteric:
  2. Report him!!!!
  3. If those are not in your eBay messages you have nothing to worry about.
  4. what a horrible thing to do!
  5. Definitely report them! :yes: :cursing:
  6. I have never heard of that....scammers :sad:
  7. That's bad
  8. They may be trying to get your e-bay ID and password. It may link to a fake e-bay site!! :wtf:
  9. OMG how scary
  10. yah!!

    I had something lke that happen to me but worse, with PAYPAL!!!

    said something like" this is your invoice for the 30 rolex's you purchased' and I was!?!? omg..someone's using my paypal...and where it said "if you did not authorize this transaction click here to log into your paypal acct to report..blah blah blah"

    and when I clicked on the link the url didn't say it said some other stuff...good thing I didn't log in!

    oddly enough, I got an email from paypal days later stating that never enter paypal through a link and to always type it in the address bar..

    soo...I'd be cautious about things like that...these scammers are going for emotion...and the sense of panic like "oh my gosh! someone's using my account"...
  11. oh..that's awful~~:sad:
    we need to be more aware of these scammers!!:Push:
  12. Yeah...they could be trying to get your ebay password. Always log-in by going directly to the or page first!
  13. Be very careful, a lot of these scammers are increasingly using different methods to get you to part with your passwords.