Bad ebay experience

  1. Hi, I just had a really bad day.... I sold on of my LV bags on eBay: the Reade Marshmallow. I had a buyer, but he cancelled 3 appointments to come and pick up the bag, and after waiting for over a month, I gave negative feedback. I put the bag on eBay again, and last week I had a new seller and a faw days ago he went to come and pick up the bag. He's verry happy with it.

    Today I opened my eBay account, and the first buyer has put feedback; he wrote that I sell fake bags, that the Reade PM is not available in marshmallow, that I have a fake receipt :wtf:

    Is there anybody who van provide me the old link of eluxury for the reade marshmallow?

    This is one of the baddest days in my life. Now I have bad feedback..and there is nothing I can do about it:cursing:
  2. Did you ever file a dispute with this buyer? I would and see what happens. Maybe you two can agree to remove the feedback.

    If that doesn't work, can you respond to his comment? Did you leave any feedback for them yet? If not, I would definitely say that the buyer never paid for the bag.
  3. I could allways try to do that. I searched in the help program, but I have to sent ebay a fax with all the evidence. What should I sent? I do have the emails hich proove that the buyer never showed up. I can ask the new buyer to sent me a kopie of the receipt.

    It's just so not every potential new buyer will think that I sell fakes. When you guys read my feedback, what do you think about this situation?

  4. I want to give a comment on the feeback. I only have 80 characters. Does anubody knows a good powerfull line?
  5. Hi Chloe, so sorry this happened to you. This ebayer sounds like an idiot.
    I just looked at his feedback and he has lots of negatives, no one will believe him over you. I hope the feedback gets took off. Good luck ! :flowers:
  6. That is why ebay sucks sometimes try selling somewhere else if that doesnt work. :flowers:
  7. if he was a non-paying bidder his FB will be removed.
  8. The most powerful thing is to encourage others to click on his feedback to see how bad it is. Something like "Buyer's feedback profile shows that he is bad news. I don't sell fakes. Never."
  9. If you haven't already posted feedback for him, you could put something like this: "Non-paying vindictive buyer-check his feedback! Beware!"
  10. Only if the seller files an unpaid item claim and the buyer fails to respond.
  11. You can write something like, "Retalitory feedback. Buyer did not pay for item." That just states the facts.
  12. Good one!
  13. Yes, I think Lori's line is the better one - takes the emotion away thereby allowing you to show yourself to be professional and is completely clear. I know how upsetting this is - when it happened to me I was furious and devastated, but the girls here helped me realise it was a drop in the Ebay ocean and no one with any serious interest in doing honest business would be put off so long as I was calm and factual in my response. And that wise advice has proved to be true - this will recede in importance, truly.
  14. Also, to further protect yourself in the future - please make sure when you offer local pick-up
    that you don't accept PayPal as a payment option.
    Buyer can claim they never received it and will be granted a refund.

    Personally, unless it is an extremely heavy item, I don't allow local pick-up.
    And then I usually list on cxxxxlist not Ebay.
    There are too many nutcases in the world - like your Bidder :cursing: