Bad Ebay Day-short rant

  1. Has this happened to you?? You find an LV item that you have had your heart set on forever and then end up in a ridiculous bidding war with someone else that drives the price up to at least double of what retail was and then you still end up losing the auction!! ARGH!!! I am still so :cursing:. Sorry, just needed to vent to folks who would understand!! :crybaby:
  2. oh yes,

    I've sure experience that - it sucks!
  3. I hate that! Hopefully you'll have another opportunity to get the item you want, and without a bidding war. Maybe the one that's meant for you is in better condition, or you'll get a better deal.:nuts: Sorry that happened to you though.

  4. Feel your pain. Been there :crybaby:
  5. The worst part was is that it was a brand new item!!!!!!
    I'm still cryin!!
  6. YES! I can't belive it it gets so annoying . Why cant they just find something else :sad:
  7. Im just about done with eBay myself. The past month I have had more problems trying to sell my stuff than anything. The worst was when I woke up on Sat and someone bought a LV that I was selling and a few hours later eBay contacted me to say the buyers account was hijacked. :cursing: Wish I knew a website where I could buy and sell thats NOT eBay.
  8. Ok, so another really sad part of this whole thing was that when the auction was over I checked out the person's previous purchases/feedback and I didn't see any LV!!!!!! :cursing: Could it be any worse!!!
  9. OOh, that's happend to me. Me no likey!
  10. Its happened numerous times to me so try not to feel bad. I always feel so GRRR afterwards because not only did I not get the item, I waste all that time sitting in front of the computer stalking the auction. If it helps you feel any better, I always tell myself it wasnt that great a deal anyways. For some reason the prices on ebay are quite expensive for used items in not so great condition.
  11. Thanks Kuuipo-I needed that laugh!!!:roflmfao:
    You just made my day!!
  12. I'd email the seller and tell her you'd be interested in the bag in case the winning bidder doesn't pay. You never know ...
  13. Hmmm....there's a thought but why would someone have put such a huge maximum bid to way outbid everyone else & then not pay? Well, it is ebay so who knows!

    P.S. Love your Persian....I have 2 Seal Point Himilayans!!:heart:
  14. I totally understand. but its ok with me as I will not pay much more over retail. I don't believe in paying more than double retail cost. I would say the most mark up I will pay is 15%, no matter how LE it is.
  15. Aww, sorry you didn't win your item. I do know how you feel, it's so annoying.:push: