BAD dreams that felt SO REAL?

  1. Has anybody had them?

    I had such a bad dream last night... and i RARELY dream, and to add to that, i never remember them. I had a dream that my sister was on her way home from my house. She said she would call us (my mother and i) when she got home. Time passed by and no call.. we tried calling and there was no answer. We decided to drive to her house to make sure everything was ok. On our way over there, we saw an accident... and it was my sister with my nephew and neice. They didn't make it...

    And i just felt my heart BREAK. i LITERALLY felt it. And i was crying so hard in my dream, i didn't know what to do with myself. I woke up crying so hard i couldn't breathe. My chest was hurting so much.

    Sorry.. i know it's random, but i've been thinking about it all day. And everytime i think about it, i get so sad.
  2. I dream every time I fall asleep. My dreams are very vivid, and I can remember alot of the details when I wake up. I tell my husband about them when I wake up (I might leave out a few details now and again :p). It's like going to the movies every night, but not know what you are going to see. They are mostly mundane, though I do have nightmares occasionally.
  3. I have been having bad dreams lately, too... I woke up really stressed out... I wish I can stop theses...
  4. Aw so sorry you had such a bad dream :sad:

    I always have bizarre, wacky dreams...
  5. What a terrible nightmare, but just remember that it wasn't REAL and they say it's good luck if someone dies in your dream...
  6. yea, i hardly EVER dream.
    especially not vividly.

    i wish i knew what dreams meant :hrmm:
  7. yea, i had to keep telling myself that. ha.
    that's what they say, and i hope it's true :heart:
  8. I always have nightmares. It's something I'm plagued with unfortunately.

    It's ironic that this topic came up, though, b/c this wasn't necessarily a bad dream but just plain scary, weird. Two nights ago I dreamed I got a phone call from someone with the phone number (202) 253-xxxx. (I'll leave off the last four numbers in case it really belongs to somebody.) The next morning I checked my cell phone that I had left in my car overnight and guess what? Someone with that EXACT number had called but didn't leave a message.
  9. Yes, I've had them...and I hate them!

    I once dreamt my mom gave away my dog to one of her friends and she assured me that he was being well taken care of. I had a hunch she wasn't telling me the truth...and sure enough, somehow I found out later that my dog was dead because her friend was irresponsible!!!

    I woke up being soooo mad at my mom, LOL. Dreams like this can be traumatic!

  10. woah, that IS wierd... and freaky.
  11. lol! i actually remember having a dream when i was younger, and i woke up being mad @ my mom. i can't remember what the dream was about now, though. But YES they are traumatic!
  12. Goodness I hate it when I have these dreams..
    but I recall one time I was really upset in my dream cause something bad happened to my husband..
    I was crying so loud in my sleep that I woke up and kept on crying..until I noticed my husband safe & sound right next to me :heart:
  13. I have had that happen..One time...I had a weird dream that I was being attacked...I woke up as I was punching the wall next to my bed..ROFL...I nearly broke my hand...It was BIZARRE!!!LOL!
  14. Bad dreams are so horrible & they do leave you hung over the next day. They say that dreaming is the mind vomiting it actually keeps us sane. They do experiments where they wake people up when they start to dream & they end up really screwed up. So things that you worry about in the day do come out in dreams. Perhaps you have been worrying about your sister?
  15. Several years back I had this horrible dream about my little brother. For some reason there was this huge boulder (maybe I was watching Indiana Jones the night before :push:smile: chasing him - how unlikely is that going to happen in RL. Anyway, I tried to warn him, but it ended up rolling on top of him. And it left him a quadriplegic. I woke up sweating and crying, and couldn't go back to sleep. He was only 5 at the time. It scared me so much that I remember it to this day!

    He's in his 20s now and doing fine. So I don't think you have anything to worry about!