bad dream....


i need a vacay
Apr 26, 2007
i broke out in cold sweat this morning after dreaming that my brand new blue glacier city that I had just purchased 2 weeks ago changed colors.... The bottom was all white and scratched and messed up... A nice boy in my dream was the one who actually pointed it out to me... I was freaking out and I woke up... It was so real.... :wtf:

Thanks GOD it was just a dream! :sweatdrop: My bag is sitting beautifully on my bed and I think the boy was my bbag's guardian angel, who was just passing me the message of "please take care of her"!

You bet I am and will forever and ever!


✯ mathemagician ✯
Nov 4, 2006
ohhhh, good thing it was only a dream!!
I can totally relate to how it felt so real and you were freaking out... I have had a nightmare before that involved my bbag getting *hurt* and I remember how upset I was :sad:

btw there are a bunch of ladies here that had nightmares like that before. I remember reading about it here!

Glad to read your bbag is fine :heart: