Bad drag - man in dress in my neighborhood.

  1. So I've seen this guy twice in my neighborhood- short hair cut with conservative glass in a bright pink cotton dress and matching pink low-topped converse. He also carries a dark purple tote. The problem is the dress is clingy and he has quite the belly. Its like a preppy guy from neck up and from neck down bad drag. It sort of cracks me up, but I also want to give him a makeover.

    My mom is a realtor and once she went to see an older male client who answered the door in his high heels. He apparently forgot to take them off and was really embarressed, my mom just pretended she didn't see anything. Poor guy! (She did say they were nice shoes).;)
  2. Lol - I used to live in New Farm in Brisbane, Australia. They gay couple upstairs used to have lots of parties and when they were really drunk have drag races up and down the stairs in the common area. Yes, this was grown men dressed as women running up and down the stairs in their high heels pissed as farts.

    It was kind of hard to enjoy this at 3am, but bless them, they were having a hoot.
  3. hey, if it makes him happy, he can wear whatever he wants. A dress is just a dress, we've just been socially conditioned to attribute feminine qualities to it.
  4. i used to work retail and this guy would come in dressed in drag almost every saturday and act like a jerk to draw attention to himself. he looked horrible too, ill fitting dresses and bad shoes and makeup, and big hairy arms. then on monday he'd come in as a man and return whatever he bought on the weekend, so bizarre. i didn't react at all to his outfits, so he was such a jerk to me trying to get a rise out of me. one day he even came in with his dress stuffed to appear pregnant. the elderly woman i was waiting on was sooooo cute, her eyes were so wide looking at him.
  5. A dress is a dress as it IS made for a woman....I have many gay friends that are gay and dress in drag to preform...wonderful. Please do not say a dress is a dress because we are "conditioned" to only women wearing them....they are made for women...qilts are one thing...but come the US dresses are for girls...some men in drag just wear them better.
  6. It's still just a garment of clothing. There is nothing inherently male or female about it, we just think of it that way.

    People used to think pants were just for men.

    think about it.
  7. here in vancouver we have some absolutley stunning drags/trans........they *really* upset my boyfirend...but i think they're absolutley amazing!!!
  8. thought about it and uh....not with you on this one...(oh and thats OKAY)!!!! You are right in your am that. (the beauty of life....different opinions) It only took me 15 years to agree to disagree...LOVE IT!
  9. It's not a question of being right or wrong, I'm just pointing out how gender is really subjective. :smile:
  10. Oh my Gosh! :nuts: This reminds me of high school graduatation. I was going to get my hair blown out and this weirdo follows me and my mom and is looking like he's going to beat us or rob us. So my mom grabs me and we run in. So, that's over, right? Wrong! He comes into the salon 20 minutes later, in a purple prom dress!!! :nuts: It was ruffley and was the kind of dress that only covers one arm. He wore it over his jeans and tee shirt!!! :nuts: The best is my hair dress says, "Oh, don't mind him. He gets high and wears his mother's dresses." :wacko:
  11. While I'm fine with men in drag, there is something female about many dresses...the space for the breasts/built-in bra area:shame:.

    Sorry for nitpicking...just something I thought of:shame:
  12. ok. lemme spell it out.

    A dress is a dress, is a pair of pants, is a t-shirt, is a pair of heels.

    They're all just THINGS that we put on our bodies to cover them up, and we attribute certain garments to certain genders- but that doesn't mean theyre specifically for that gender. Little boys used to wear dresses, were they feminine then too?

    sex = biological aspect of being male or female

    gender = psychological aspect of being male or female.

    thats allllllll. ohmygoodness.
  13. Jeeezzzz so much hostlity around here lately...its so frustrating. Good lord.
  14. I understand what you're saying, and I know little boys used to wear dresses (there was a picture in one of my old textbooks)...

    The breast-space thing was just a random thought I had...that's all...:sad: ...sorry:shame:
  15. aww, no hostility from me dahling. I'm just anal about making a point.