Bad Day.... :(

  1. Well I was all excited about getting my Carly I ordered from eBay today. Guess what! It's fake :throwup: Ehhh I hate this! But I have to tell ya its a pretty good fake but I could tell. There was no Coach writing on the hardware, a tag was attached, and the Coach hangtag was real. What a bad day. I emailed the sell because I made sure I asked her before buying it if she gauranteed authenticity or money back and she said yes. Now I am just waiting for her to reply to my email. I feel like crying! I even went out to look at the Coach sales but thank God I didn't like anything right now. I'll just go hug my twin Leighs. :smile: But ya most def a bad day. And my mom is getting surgery and its her b-day..poor thing! AND I am really sick. RAAAHHHH! Sorry just had to rant! :cursing:
  2. so sorry! Are you sure it's a fake? Post pics if you can! :yes:
  3. Would like to see pics too. Do you own another Carly? Not all Coach bags have Coach on the hardware...(pulls mine out to look at it). Nope no Coach on my Carly hardware.
  4. How else can you tell it is a fake? The Carly doesn't have Coach written on the hardware and should have a leather hangtag.
  5. PLEASE when you can post photos so we can help you... not saying that you dont know your stuff but the other girls are saying that their carly's dont have the Coach on the hardware either. I am just hoping so badly that your bag is AUTH... keeping my fingers crossed for ya sweetie
  6. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened. Are you sure it's a fake? I hope you get better and that your mom's surgery goes well. Hugs...
  7. Please post pics...... !! And good luck to your mom!
  8. Saying a prayer for your MOM:heart:
    Damn those fake bags:wtf:, can you post a picture here or in the authenticate thread ?
    Hopefully you can return it with NO hassles!:yes:
  9. Augh I'm SO sorry, hon!
  10. Sorry to hear :sad:
    i'd like to see pic's.
  11. Ugh! I'm so sorry sweetie! My Carlys don't have Coach written on the hardware either, so maybe there's a chance it's real? Any other signs? How about the turn lock on the sides? That's a give away too. And the stitching?

    I'm sorry, I hope it all works out for you. (((Hugs))):flowers:
  12. Prayers for your Mom, and Happy Birthday to her.
    Sorry about your Carly :cry: I hope it turns out to be authentic for you! or at least get a hassle free return out of it!:sad:
  13. (((Hugs))) to your mom too! I hope she is doing well! Hang in there!
  14. I think she is saying that It didn't have Coach on the hardware (which is a sign of a fake) but other characteristics indicated that it is fake. Hope your mom is feeling better and you too !
  15. PRAYERS to your mom!!!! Please keep us posted! Also, PLEASE post pics of the fake bag...I'm DYING to see it!!!!