Bad day turned good.........

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  1. Started off in the dentist this morning, having a temporary filling.....nice. Then went to drop something off at a shop and got chased down the road by a traffic warden on a bicycle who had clocked my car parked in a loading bay for like 3 minutes. Lights changed so I had to stop :cursing: Tried to explain I was actually unloading, then he handed me a parking fine.....great!

    I had received a call about a Marwari GM in Gold Clemence that I was possibly interested in so I went to have a look and try it on, sadly it wasnt for me so I went to my favourite department store with the yellow bags :P

    I had other things I had to pick up but decided to stop by H and see if I could get a scarf ring for my mini collection of twillys, alas no twilly scarf ring but I came back with these.....

    Pochette La Reale - Framboise/Blanc/Marron Glace
    Kelly Lock & Key scarf ring - Gold

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  2. Very pretty pochette & you tied it so pretty!
  3. Great goodies, certainly a good end to your day!
  4. I love the design of the pochette, especially in that cw. congrats!
  5. Very pretty pochette!
  6. [​IMG]

    Super pretty, I love the colourway :tup:
  7. Another beautiful scarf, you're on fire!!
  8. You may have had a less than perfect start to the day, but look at you now!


    Pretty lady with a pretty find! Congrats!
  9. Your scarf is gorgeous!!! I love the scarf ring as well, many congrats!
  10. Wow, Congrats!!! I love that scarf and scarf ring!!! Both fabulous choices!!!!
  11. Congrats, fantastic, wear in the best of health and happiness. We are scarf ring siblings, I have it in the silver/PHW?
  12. How the heck did you make that knot? It's gorgeous!
  13. Isn't it just - talented lady - spill!
  14. Great action shot! Love it!

    I just HAVE to have one of these:

  15. the lock and key are great...and how in the world did you tie that pochette? It looks great!!