Bad Day Rant

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  1. Omg I had such a bad day today!!
    After finishing late lastnight, I got up before I ideally wanted to as I had arranged to meet my bf for lunch during his lunch break and do a spot of shopping. I got the bus in nice and early so I could get to the pub (Wetherspoons) in good time so I could order for my bf so the food would arrive not long after he did.

    Problem. They wouldnt serve me because I didnt have any ID even though I didnt want alcohol. Right fine, I sat and waited until the bf got there. So he goes and orders, they ask him for ID, he produces it but then they realise hes with me and refuse to serve him.
    So basically he wasnt allowed to buy burgers and coke even for himself just because he was with me who couldnt prove I was over 18 (I am 24 in 2 weeks!)

    They stated that if he was my legal guardian he could buy both of us meals and drinks. Yet even though he is over 18 and could prove it, they wouldnt let him buy food and soft drinks. I would have understood completely if he was trying to buy just seems really bizarre!!

    So anyway, we found somewhere else to eat, he went back to work and off I went for some retail therapy (found a nice pair of shoes and treated myself to a hairbrush lol) Finished my shopping and went to catch the bus...however the bus was broken which meant a half an hour wait before the next one. By this point I was tired, grumpy and just wanted to go home so I was not too thrilled about waiting in the bus station for an extra half an hour!

    But now I am home, told my bfs parents about the whole thing and they didnt quite understand the lunch situation either. I have a lamb shank cooking in the oven, wine ready to be poured and neighbours in 5 minutes. All is well in the land of me again :biggrin:
  2. Enjoy your evening!