Bad day... good night.

Jul 5, 2007
:crybaby:So our Cell contract is half over and we are ready for an upgrade, so my hubby wants to change to the New Nextel. But I do not want to becuase I hate the phones, but it makes more sense because it is more cheaper. So I went with it, so when we went to go pick up the new phones, the phone that i wanted for Spint, which was the last one, was getting purchased. By this lady, so I was jealouse, then my Hubby says, "Just do not look at her purse" She was carrying the Brown Carly that I wanted, since I am in a bann I cannot buy purses. I know it is not a big thing but she had both the things that I want and cant have. But my hubby felt bad that he decided to buy me coach charm that I want.. He He. SO now I am super happy.:heart:

P.S The reason that got me mad was because her boyfriend, or what not was buying her the phone and she was being rude to him, and ignoring him. And it got me thinking how some mean people just get what they want.