Bad day for me and my bag, but i get a new bag

  1. So today i went shopping for clothes (no LV... sorry) and ii had the top down on my bentley and when i went to grab my antigua i slung it on my shoulder and it burnt me really bad! Apparently, the plate on the antigua bag got really hot from the direct sunlight and now i have a rectangle on my arm.. ouch

    Then it got worse i looked on the handles of my bag and they had yellow stains!! I'm not sure if it was from the stitching or the buoy! (Note i have the antigua cup bag) well anyway this has made me really need a new bag.. any suggestions?

    PS- my new denim zippy wallet was great today!
  2. Ooh...BENTLEY!!! Sorry off you want like a summer bag or something off your wish list? How about something amarante!
  3. Oooh --- I hope your arm is healing fast!! Looks like you need some nice retail therapy to erase the pain of the burn. How about a Stratus PM in Ecru? I just received a call from LV in Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza and my SA said she has one in for me if I still wanted it. I passed because I'm waiting for the Miroir Lockits. Go for it if you're interested!!
  4. I'm a guy.... FYI
  5. I have no clue what will replace my antigua
  6. i think ill get something new next weekend
  7. lol. Not trying to be rude... but what's the point of this thread? :confused1:
  8. yeah I was looking for bag recommendations
  9. Get one off your wishlist! =)