BAD day at the tanning salon

  1. Yes, I tan once or twice a week. (I know its bad, but I love it). Anyway, I was putting my clothes back on and then my jewelry...went to pick up my rolex, dropped it by accident and OFCOURSE it went face down. BROKE the crystal!!!! :crybaby:This is my grandmothers watch and is OLD. It had a hairline chip in it already that she had done...and I kept it there, no one could see it and I loved that it was there...KWIM?? Anyway, now its off to get a new face. The watch is atleast 25 years old. I guess Rolexs do last for ever...ok...Im just babbling. But I was so bummed out that this happened. I knew if anyone would "get it" it would be you all!!
  2. Oh sunshine! I feel your pain! But try not to worry- Rolex does AMAZING things with repairs. I took DH's 34 year old rolex in for a major overhaul- it had a broken bracelet,lost bezel......completely was in horrible shape. When I picked it up I swear it looked like a brand new watch!!!
  3. Oh.. that's awful!! The sentimental value is irreplaceable!
    I hope you are happy with the repair... at least it still works.. could be worse I guess. :sad:
  4. That sucks :sad: But, on the other hand, when I opened this thread I thought it was going to be about a lost piece of least it's repairable :smile:
  5. Oh for sure...its totally repairable. I took it to my jewler 10 minutes later! The good news is this accidant made me start wearing the rolex my dad got for me before he passed. Its nice to look down and remember ....
  6. I'm so sorry that happened Sunshine! It's good it didn't fully break and can be repaired, but I understand the feelings of it never being the same. Happy it's whole and still working and complete, but sad it doesn't have that history and certain sentimental personalities that it did from the family. My heart goes out to you and *hugs* - At least you still have the main watch and all and can keep on cherishing it for years to come. Plus you also have the one from your father to love as well. :heart:
  7. I am sorry that happened but I think it can be repaired.
  8. sorry to hear about that but at least your able to get it fixed :tup:

    off topic but...don't tan it's bad for don't want to look like a lil raisin do you tried the spray tans? Get the same look w/o the damage
  9. That's terrible. Thank god it's fixable.
  10. oh i'm so sorry that happened :push:. i guess on the bright side, you have an all new crystal that you can add your own character to and pass onto your children for them to someday crack ;). but it really does suck because i know that the crystal and watch as a whole must've had a lot of sentimental value for u.
  11. Not much fun to see your watch broken, but as everyone has said it can be fixed and even made to be like brand new!!!

    O/T- The tanning is sooooo bad for aging your skin, and believe me it ages pretty fast without any extra help!!!! Also it is really dangerous and can be extreemly harmful if you are prone to melinomas. And unlike a watch, we only have one skin that cant be replaced!!! can tell Im a Mum! But Im also a female taht is really up to date with the anti aging topic!!!
  12. Poor thing! I feel your pain! But at least it can be repaired. (((Hugs)))