Bad Customer Service

  1. I was at a local store and was reminded why I purchase online or buy other bags.

    I walked in and I asked to see the Carly bags. I was passed off to three different sales associates. The second person who could be best described as "the manager that could freeze water on her stiff, cold behind" was the rudest heffa on the face of this earth! She was impatient with my questions (I wanted to know about ordering a bag). Then to add insult to injury, her interests were diverted to someone else. She stopped talking to me to ask someone if they "liked their bag." Total bull. After I stated that I wasn't finished asking my questions, she passed me off to another sales associate. Total loss of a new customer. Total loss of a customer that had a $1k budget for bags and accessories.

    I guess I am not the target customer for Coach - mid 30s and dressed in snow day attire. Oh yeah, I carried the first generation signature clip handbag (who remembers those?).

    I went to Godiva to soothe my hurt feelings in cheap Valentine's day chocolate. The fella that worked there said, "Look for my brother. He will take care of you." Sure enough I went back to the store and left my information and the list of items that I needed from him. The SAs were totally and completely shocked that I came back and asked for him.

    Are the SAs commissioned? Think I should fire off a nastygram to the corporate headquarters and division managers?
  2. You know..I often shop at Lv, and Gucci...and I always get great service. I walk into the Coach store (usually with the lastest and greatest LV bag) and the staff could not be..and more FAKE. I want to just tell them to uh....leave me alone...(to be nice) anyway, I think the coach girls are rude. WHY??? It really disappoints me as I love to buy coach gifts and I never understand the rudeness.
  3. Sunshine, I wanted to scream, "ARE YOU AWARE THAT THIS IS COACH?!?!" But that would have been elitist. lol

    But I couldn't believe how rude the lady (um. more like BROAD) was. I worked in commissioned retail for a department store when I was in college. I WORKED MY BEHIND OFF. I looked at everyone as a dollar sign. I didn't give a hill of beans if the customer was dirty, ragged, didn't speak the King's english or was dressed to the nine's. I treated everyone like they could come in and buy up the store. Guess what? A lot of people that on initial glance may have appeared that fashion was the last thing on their mind, but they would blow serious money. I did very well and my customers came back.

    I feel like the Corporate office should know about the atmosphere of that store. I am giving the benefit of the doubt that it could have been a bad day, but I think that lady is that way all of the time. I gotta send a letter with suggestions for the sales and management staff. Nothing too extreme because I will buy the Ergo bags :graucho:from the sales associate.
  4. I was wondering how their system at Coach worked, when I walk in I am ALWAYS greeted, no matter how busy, this person asks if I need help etc etc. When I found the bag I wanted if she was busy (I went back to her) she found a new SA for me so I didn't have to wait and they wrote up the order, gave it to someone in back and they brought it out to have someone diffrent ring it up. (some were only working register) granted this was at Xmas but does it always work this way? This was at the Novi Store in MI if anyone ever has gone there.
  5. I don't really know, but I had always assumed the person that wrote their name on the ticket got the credit.

    Also... they don't do that ticket thing in Illinois... that is only something I have seen in MI. It seems like they should devote the runners that are going to get things to floor people and have the SA take you the full way through the purchase... that had always been my experience before in IL, but I don't know if it just a coincidence, and that was changed company wide around the time that moved??
  6. Yeah, I have not been treated as rudely as you were but I have been less than impressed on a couple of occasions. A couple weeks ago I tried to order the Ali in whiskey from the store (to save on the shipping costs) and the SA looked at the computer and told me it was no longer available. I went home and ordered it online with no problem at all. I realize this may not be her fault--perhaps the inventory for store ordering is controlled differently, but that's $500 commission (if she gets one) that she didn't get. That seemed really silly to me. It would have been a win-win for both of us if she could have ordered it for me...
  7. My Coach store is exactly the same so maybe it's a Michigan thing. :p I was there just last night and I think that every single SA in the store helped me at some point. They all talked to me, asked me how I like my Legacy bag, and offered their assistance. Then, it was the manager who processed the sale.

    MickMick, I am sorry you had a bad experience. :sad:
  8. I'm so sorry you had that kind of an aweful experience. When I first went in to Gucci, I didn't get any help, and the SA's just stood there. I was greeted by the doorman, and he was polite. I was just looking around, and when I saw what I wanted I got it and went up to pay for it. And the last time I went in, the SA who rang me up remembered me from last time. I thought that was great!

    But you shouldn't let this effect you getting what you want. Most SA's don't know 1/2 as much as we do. I know how it feels to get snubbed, and it sucks.
  9. The SA's at coach don't work on comission. I just must be lucky. The girls in the store I go to are awesome but there is another store in another part of the city where I wouldn't shop if you paid me. I about wanted to slap a girl last time I was in there.
  10. You know, I had a similar experience. I always go to the same boutique (we have 2 in our city) & usually work with the same girl. I received the giant heart keychain for V-Day. I was concerned b/c the back is polished, that it would scratch. I just wanted to know if there was any type of coating on it to help prevent scratching or anything. Well, my regular SA wasn't there so the one that greeted me (and none of them were breaking their necks, either) just said "Its silver, it'll scratch" & turned around to talk with another SA!!!!. I was like , MickMick, carrying a Coach bag & dressed normally. Not sure why some SAs think its ok to treat certain customers a certain way. Again, like MickMick, I worked retail in college & I treated everyone as though they were wealthy! I feel your pain, Mick Mick & I'm sorry it happened to you too!
  11. I've actually experienced something like that, but not as extreme. I was wearing a Coach hobo that came out about a year before and went into Coach to get something new. No one really was helping me. SA's would come up and ask if I needed anything and then walk away. Then lately I walked in with my new Coach Ali in white leather, and I got 2 SA's that were at my beckon call! I went to go pay for something I picked out and they noticed I had a lot of legacy stripe accessories- including the infamous stripe french purse. After they saw that one SA ran to the back and brought out 3 more accessories from the Legacy collection and asked me if I liked any of them. It's like they judge you on what you're wearing and whether you have money to spend. It shouldn't be that way.
  12. Especially since you should know better when you're in retail -- rich people are often the cheapest buggers you'll ever find (that's why they're rich!). And it's the ones who look like they've got nothing that'll spend a whole lot. Never assume!
  13. That's awful! The reason I've sworn off Chanel was because of a similar experience, so I feel for you. I can't imagine Coach every being like this. You should write HQ about this manager.
  14. That areally stinks that some of you have been treated so bad. I have one regular boutique I go in, and no matter how I've been dressed, they've been kind and helpful. And, of the various times I've gone in to look, I've only purchased twice, but they are always nice. Also, I've called them after I was in to ask a couple of more questions and the SA always makes it clear to me it's better to order from within the store than online because I'll save on shipping. My SA at the outlet told me that retail SA's do make commission on all sales. And, from my understanding, the SA's at the outlets don't make commission necessarily on each sale, but it effects an overall bonus they get. So, yes, whether in a retail boutique or an outlet, I would think they should fall all over someone to get business.

  15. Thanks for listening and commiserating. Bottom line - I am ok with it. I went ahead and ordered the purses that I wanted from :angel: