Bad customer service experience and major disappointment!

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    Warning: this may be long, I am so frustrated!

    Last week I came home with two speedy 30s - mono and DE. After a week of thinking about it, I decided I just can't bring myself to own a brand new mono speedy - my anxiety over carrying brand new vachetta by hand only wasn't worth it! - so I went to the store tonight to return it. (I'll keep my eye out on the pre-loved market for one that already has patina.) I also wanted to check out vernis cosmetic pouches. I've never ventured into this line but I already love my new DE cosmetic pouch so much I thought I might pick up one in vernis before the price increase.

    I get to the store and I am the only customer there. The SA does not greet me at all, so I approach her behind the counter and explain that I have a return and that I would also like to look at the vernis cosmetic pouches. Without a word, she proceeds to take the mono speedy out of the bag, inspect it with the scrutinity of a forensic scientist, and then say, the cosmetic pouches are over there. Doesn't come with me to the back of the store but calls to the security guard by name and then directs him to stand where he can see my by POINTING. So not only has she been rude to me, she has now been rude to the security guard; or in the alternative, she didn't want me to know she was instructing him specifically to babysit me.

    As I look over the colors on display, she stands behind the counter with another SA who has emerged from the back. Still no one else in the store yet not offering me any assistance. Finally I decide on the rose angelique. I go back to the counter and she says, "ok?" Okay? Okay, what? Anyway, I ask if she has any one in fucsia as it wasn't on display and I wanted to see it before making my final decision and she says no, that all they have is on display. Okay, seems odd that they only have one of each color, each on display, and no fuscia. I then ask if they have any other rose angelique ones on display as the one on display had a stain. She says, that's because it's a light color. I told her it was actually on the vachetta but I was glad she mentioned that because I wanted to ask about color transfer. I have a DA mini pochette but I usually carry it by itself, as a clutch or wallet on-the-go, but never in a bag, so I don't have an experience with light-colored LV items in my bags. So I ask, would the rose angelique be susceptible to color transfer in my DE speedy and she said she doesn't know. She has been working at this store for as long as I have been buying LVs and you mean to tell me she doesn't know if the red lining of one of LVs most popular items transfers color to light-colored items? She repeats that she doesn't know, but says it would be susceptible to color transfer from other things. I said okay, what kind of other things? And she said, anything dark. Okay, that's a broad category, can you give me an example? She said, like pen. Okay, clearly I am getting nowhere with this woman, so I decide to come home, search TPF for this info, and go to another store tomorrow if I do decide to buy before the increase. She processes the return in silence, hands me the receipt for the return and I had to ask for the original receipt (because I bought both bags together I want the original receipt for the DE in case I ever decide to sell). I've never had to ask for an original receipt back for any return at any store so this just annoyed me but was nothing compared to the rest of her unprofessionalism and rudeness.

    Now here comes the worst part. I get home, I go to put my DE speedy in its dust bag because I probably won't be carrying it for a few days and I can't find it. Suddenly I realize that's because it was in the box with the mono speedy! (They put them both in the same box when I bought them.) By the time I left, she had put the mono speedy away and taken my box and bag. There is no way she didn't notice the extra dust bag. I understand that I shouldn't have been so careless with it but she obviously knew that came with a bag I was keeping! I am SO mad! I want to go back tomorrow but I am afraid she is going to claim there was no extra dust bag in the box. What would you do?

    Ah, thanks for letting me rant!!! Fortunately I have three LVs in close proximity so needless to say I will not be going back to this one!

    (Also, as a fun side note, I've never posted from my computer, only my iphone, and I never knew what the smiley face called "graucho" looked like - now I do!)
  2. Oh my, that's terrible! I hope you were eyeing her name tag and remember the time you came in. I would most definitely go back! You are right in wanting your original receipt in case you decide to sell. Of course the dust bag is also increasing the value for resale. Please keep us updated
  3. What in the world. I'd be calling and freaking out. Are you sure she didn't process both bags as returned? Did you check the receipt? There is no way she didn't feel the weight of another speedy in there? :sad: and that would explain why she didn't think to give your original receipt back.
  4. I think it was just the dust bag for her other Speedy.
    At least I hope!
  5. Yes! Sorry if I was unclear - it was just the dust bag, not the speedy itself. I would be parked outside the door until they open tomorrow if it was the speedy! :smile:
  6. OP, you definitely should never return to that store. There's no need for that kind of rudeness and unprofessionalism, especially when you are paying for luxury goods.

    I think OP meant that her DE speedy DUST BAG was in the box that she returned with the mono speedy, not the bag itself.

  7. OMG, thank goodness I was nearly throwing up over here lol! :smile: sorry I read too quickly, and sorry for the bad experience, and I'm sure if you explain to a manager you'll get a (or your) dust bag. :smile:

    At least your return was processed okay, I was waiting for one of those "this looks used you can't return it" stories. :P I'd definitely explain what happened to the manager, attitude and all.
  8. hopefully you will have a better experience with the next lv store you go too. i'm sure if you explain your situation to the next sa, they will give you a new dust bag. good luck.
  9. I would seriously call customer service at let them know. This is unacceptable anywhere not just at high end stores! I hope you know/have her name and call to report Because I'm sure you aren't the first nor the last to be treated this way! Any job you have you must conduct yourself professionally and retail entails you go beyond that and take care of clients since your job depends in them. I worked retail while in college and I never treated any of our customers this way! Good luck :smile:
  10. I totally agree. Speak to a manager, tell them your experience and ask for your dustbag. I'm quite sure they will give it back or a new one for your Speedy. I'm sorry about your experience OP. If you have another store, I wouldn't spend another dime in this one.
  11. Last year I met a fantastic SA at my store, unfortunately one day that I went in she wasn't there. (I didn't know her schedule yet). I had the worst SA experience where I was basically ignored and I was pissed. I wrote an email to LV corporate with the name of the location and then did a compare/contrast for them of the two associates. I know for a fact that my email went to the store manger and action was taken on the crappy SA...the manger is now my SA (the original great SA moved). Your feedback matters is my point :smile:
  12. Wow you should report that SA! No one should be treated that's way at all. Sorry about your bad experience, I haven't had one YET. Hopefully never...
  13. Wow! How rude.but to me I'm not surprised. Every single lv I've been too they've been so snobby to me like I'm not going to buy anything so I end up buying more just to make them uncomfortable! Best service I got was when I called an lv in Miami so they could send me a vet is cles.

    About the dust bag I'm sure if you go into any lv they will give you one
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience. I'm glad I'll never have to deal with that again, at least where I live because I've found thee perfect SA.

    About your dust bag, I would definitely go back and get one. I don't see why they can't give you another one. At my boutique, my Sa gives me extra dust bags all the time - even if i don't purchase anything.

    Good luck
  15. +1