Bad customer service, but got my Alma

  1. I moved this post from the other thread about the Roxbury, as it really is different....
    I went to the LV store and returned the Roxbury today. I arrived when they first opened so I was the only one in the store. All of the SAs were standing there and greeted me. I explained the problem and one SA (don't know his name) came over and said, "all you have to do is play with it a bit and it eventually stays snapped. He showed me how you just rub the edge for awhile. Yeah, like I will do that every time and imagine how the vachetta in that spot would soon look! He offered to go in the back with it to try to fix it. Now maybe it's just me, and maybe because I only purchase a bag of this price every 6 months or less, but I was thinking that there was no way that I want a bag that needed to be "fixed" because it was defective! So then, I end up telling them to just exchange it for the Epi Alma. They do so, and I leave. Now, I got home and when I opened it up, I saw there is no lock with it. So I call the store and talk to a SA (one of the guys - prob. the same one!) He says to come back in for it. I said that I would like for them to mail it to me. It's the least they could do! It was their mistake not putting it in there, right? He sounded like it was a pain to do this, but reluctantly did so. Maybe the problem is that I don't always have the same SA. There was one that I used to like, but haven't seen her there in awhile. I think I need to start shopping at a different location.
  2. aww, I'm sorry to hear that. But at least you got your bag! :tup:
  3. There's no way in hell that I'd settle for a bag that an SA went and "fixed" in the back!! What are they thinking.....who would for the price that you pay?!! Glad you got the alma. I would've insisted on the lock being mailed as well....what a pain to have to go back. Congrats on your alma!!
  4. Really, that's what I thought! I was so shocked that he even suggested it, that I was speechless!

    The mall at Stanford is about a 25 minute ride (on the weekend w/o traffic). Getting there after work is a pain, so that's why I requested he mail it. I wonder if it will show up or I'll have to call & follow up. It'll be interesting to see.
  5. I keep reading posts about bad customer service at Louis Vuitton.
    I think that the store location should be mentioned everytime someone starts a thread about poor customer service. It would help us out to know if these stores are repeat offenders.

    Sorry you had a bad experience at_____________________????
  6. The same thing happened to me with my Azur speedy. It was a 25 min drive not including parking lot & walking to the store in the South Coast plaza mall. The manager talked in a very nasty tone and when I asked for the storage box, they gave me the 25 speedy ( which I coudln't store the speedy when I go back to Florida so I have to carry 2 purses plus the luggages)...ugg long story.

    Anyways, they are mean...I'm so sorry about that. I know how you feel. Forget them. Enjoy your purchase.
  7. Good idea. My experience was at the Stanford store. Normally they are VERY nice and friendly though. I'm thinking on switching to the Valley Fair store. They always seem nice when I go in there to browse.
  8. Argh...glad you got the bag you wanted...sorry about the lacking customer service. They absolutely should have offered to mail you the lock right away. We're buying very expensive items...with the prices I don't think it too much for us to expect a WOW customer experience.
  9. sorry you had such a horrible experience ... if you don't get the lock in a few days, you need to call the manager. Anyhoo, congrats on the alma.
  10. Maybe they rank their customers on how much they spend. I know I don't spend nearly as much as some of the customers who can buy limited edition items on a regular basis. That would be too bad if they do treat their customers that way, because they never know when someone's budget changes or if the customer tells others who shop their regularly how terrible the service was. :yes:
  11. I don't usually have a problem with bad customer service, even when I go to a store somewhere else (not in Vancouver). If they see that you know quite a bit than I find that they usually treat you really well (this is usually the case at LV!)

    Ohh you should get your own SA it helps so much! My SA knows that I love Limited Edition bags so he puts me on the list as soon as it comes out, so then I never have to worry!
  12. I think it would be great if there were a listing of the good and bad boutiques and which associates we should avoid.

    I read a recent post where it was said that they experienced poor service and selection at the flagship store in Paris. I have shopped at the location many, many times and have ALWAYS experienced fantastic service and a superb selection. So I love to read what others have to say about the locations they have had positive and negative experiences at.

    Personally, I have had AWFUL transactions with eLuxury... From sending me the wrong items, hassle filled returns and even packages being delivered to the wrong location!
  13. Seriously, I don't think you had such a bad experience from your post. You got what you wanted no? No reason to change store and list this SA as a bad one. He did try to cheer you up on your roxbury also no? That he didn't offer to send you the lock via mail right away was a strange though, they usually ask if you want little things like that in the mail in my experience.

    Enjoy your alma! :tup:
  14. Geeez, why do I always hear bad customer service at Louis Vuitton?

    buttons: I am so sorry to hear that but you are not alone. I had a bad experience too with their customer service. It's not just at the stores in the US but in other part of the world too. Some SAs are just lame.

    Scott.cs: Re: eluxury. I read in one thread some time ago by one of the TPF-er. She received a wallet with someone's credit card in the card slot :amazed:. It was a returned item and I think the staff didn't bother to check before they shipped it to another customer.

    Speaking of high-end luxury brand with low-end customer service.
  15. I'm sorry you had a bad experience, buttons, just be glad you got waited on at all! My first time in the LV boutique in Saks, Polaris Mall (Columbus, Ohio) I was completely ignored. The second time I made an effort of dressing nice and carried an epi speedy. I did manage to get a hello that time. But I doubt I'll go back. Obviously, I didn't look like their kind of customer. So I just stick to eLux now...fortunately, all my LV purchases from them have been perfect!