Bad Customer Service at the LV South Coast Plaza

  1. Last week, my friend and I went to the LV store in South Coast Plaza (CA) to make some big purchases. I knew what I wanted so the process was really fast and the associate didn't have to help much. We purchased 2 Beverly's, 2 keychains, and a wallet so the final purchase was over 5K.

    My complaint is that the lady that rang up our order had the tickets wrong and kept asking us what we ordered and what it was we wanted. Why couldn't she have asked our sales lady, that's their job to get it right! Because we bought duplicates of everything, we wanted to ring them up seperatly... the lady kinda rolled her eyes. She did not ask how we are doing today, no friendly talk, or anything.

    Then another guy comes out with a HUGE shopping bag that held all the stuff. Again, it is 2 purchases, so I asked for 2 smaller bags. The guy said, "sorry, I can give you this one because its our last one." HELLOOO... so does that mean everyone else in the busy store won't be getting a shopping bag with their purchase? It's crazy that we just spent 5k there in a matter of 1/2 hour and I cannot get 2 shopping bags to seperate the purchase?

    I belive that the LV brand is in such demand that they have really slacked on customer service. Call me crazy but if I'm going to spend $$$ I'm looking for the whole experience and would like to feel like I bought such a exquisite treat rather than feel like it was a purchase at a Nine West store. Forget about offering me a seat or something to drink... but how about a "How are you doing today? Thank you so much for your purchase".

    To top it off, we went to Christian Dior afterwards to get bracelet and the lady there was nice enough but we had to ask for help as she was chatting with another customer and oogling at her dog. When we got home, the wrapping was so bad! The tissue was wrinked and the ribben tied on the box was way off on one side where the ribbon was way longer than the other side... basically a very sloppy job.

    Whew... thanks for letting me rant. Has anyone had bad customer service issues like this? It just makes me SO MAD to spend all that money for the luxury and experience and end up walking away feeling really pissy.
  2. Yes, i hate to shop at LV(south coast plaza). the customer service is horrible. no greeting at all. I usually shop lv at Sak's or Neimanmarcus. they're the best customer service. it's annoying to be spend so much money but do not get the satisfaction.
  3. aw, there's nothing worse than snobby SA! Sorry you and ur friends had to experience that, but plz do voice your feedback to store manager, or area director-even Wal Mart cashier ask 'did u find everything ok today?'!
  4. I agree. Sometimes when it's a really busy boutique, customer service kinda goes out the window. I've been fortunate to have wonderful SA's at the boutique that I shop at. Let the store manager know about your experience. Nothing worse than feeling like s:censor:t after that huge purchase. And they could've definately given you another bag!
  5. Yeah SCP isn't known for their great service. I went there at Christmas to buy some things for my mom and you basically just stand around the registers waiting for them to call you up and take your card.
  6. Oooh
    I'm sorry you had a bad experience, I have had great service at that store. I am the opposite of dreamvision, Suks Fifth in SCP has been my least favorite LV shop, incredibly rude, even the least he claimed to be in charge that day. Awful, awful service :yucky:
  7. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. It's silly to think, but an unprofessional SA can really ruin your day! I once went to Chanel and I felt like I'd shrunk to half my size within half an hour. The Lv stores I go to, the SAs are either polite (but not overly friendly) or very friendly. I agree they should have given you better service, complain if you need to because this kind of experience can play through your mind over and over again!
  8. File a complaint and see what happens, hopefully you'll get an apology at least and you got it out there!
  9. I've experienced poor customer service before. I went on the LV site and wrote an email complaining and the Manager of the store I went to wrote me an email a few weeks later to apologize. I don't like going to that store anymore unless if I have to..if they're the only place with the thing I want.
  10. I haven't really experienced really bad customer service at LV. But if you do feel strongly about it, do something about it. Have a chat to the manager about it or write in.
  11. :yes: :yes: I hate to shop at SCP also, I think the SA are all very rude. But I still always go there because its the closest LV to me.
  12. I, too, avoid going to SCP because the customer service has gone downhill. I've had great service there before, but lately it seems that the SAs there seem annoyed that they have to serve customers. :cursing: I have had better service at Neiman Marcus LV --- so that's where I shop now.
  13. If you don't complain, nothing will ever be done about it. Clearly LV is very inconsistent with their customer service, and HR needs to know (and they should care about it!).

    Sorry about this awful experience you had!
  14. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience in SCP.
    Mine wasn't that bad at the very same store, maybe I bought RTW, some SAs in that section are quite helpful.
  15. Ohhh, I'm sooooo sorry about that! You really should come out of any luxury shop feeling special and happy. It doesn't take that much--like you said, simply smiling and greeting people and telling them thank you doesn't take much effort from a SA...especially when you're dropping that much money!

    I was more tolerant when I was younger, but now that I'm close to 40, I would be very likely to walk out and not purchase something if I felt I was being treated badly in a store. And I would let them know it--"you know, I was going to purchase 5K worth of product here, but I've just decided that I don't like the customer service here. So, I'm going elsewhere, and I'll be in touch with the store owner/manager over the next couple of days. ...Now, what was your name again?" :p

    It's worth waiting to go somewhere you can get the entire experience of buying luxury, becuse like all of us...YOU DESERVE IT, girlfriend! :woohoo: