Bad Customer Service at LV!!!!

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  1. So this past weekend, me and a gf went to LV so that I could finally get myself a wallet and bust out my Tivoli that has patiently been sitting in its dust bag. I don't shop at LV that often so I don't really have a SA to go too, so the first person that asked to help me is who helped me find a wallet... well not really. He really wasn't much help at all.

    So first I ask to see the Insolite, and the Sarah Wallet and a red epi zippy. I was pretty sure I was going to get the red epi but when I saw it in person it was too red in my opinion, I guess the last time I saw a red epi wallet or purse was a few years back when it was a bit darker. So he makes this snide remark "What did you think it would be, it is red" Mind you, you had to hear his tone... so I replied "Well I thought it was darker, at least I remember it being darker" (of course my tone isn't that pleasant either)... fast forward a bit... I finally decide on the Sarah wallet but I ask him to bring out another one, which he does but on the front where the lil gold stud is, theres a scratch, so I ask him to bring out another one, and he says "Its not scratched thats how its supposed to be, they do get scratched" (of course this is in a tone again) so I reply "I understand they get scratched but I would like to be the one that scratches it myself, not buy one that is already scratched" And so then he takes out a completely different wallet and goes "Would you say this is scratched?" to make his point, I look and go "No, thats just not shiny, I know the difference between shiny and scratched and that one clearly has a scratch." I go to find out that the one he brought out happened to be the last wallet which is probably why he pushed so much...but I was majorly annoyed. The original one I first looked at is what I ended up getting, I would have much rather come back another time because I really didn't care for him to ring me up, but since I have no time to go back to LV in a while, I just purchased it.

    But sheesh, whats wrong with wanting to make sure the item you're buying is up to your standards?? Uuugh... kay just had to vent a bit...

    O and my gf was planning on buying a speedy but because of his lil attitude she didn't want to deal with him, she didn't even want to ask to see it because he was so "snippy" as she put it.
  2. I had the same problems with the the SA's in the Yorkdale mall here in Toronto. I had a bag on hold and I asked for it. She kind *sighed* and went to get it. And it was the wrong size but it was still originally what I called about many times. (Another long story) And she goes "Oh, we probably had it yesterday but we sold it"....and I go "Oh, so you can sell bags that people put on hold?"

    She didn't answer and I proceeded to look at my purse and she ignored me. My mom made her get me different sizes to compare and again with the *sighs*, gets a different size, basically slams the thing down and rips open the dustbag to show me.

    She did a complete 360 when I said I will be taking it.

    Do they TRAIN their SA like this? I don't understand. I wasn't dressed up but I don't think I look like some sleazy high school kid either.
  3. OMG, I feel you on the "sighs", I just don't get it, and me and my gf were dressed up, but we do look young even though we're not that young, and mind you we had just been shopping so we were carrying bags from gucci, a lil blue bag from tiffany's and nordstroms, so by that I would think that an SA just might assume we're going to buy something... but yet I still got the whole attitude thing. I don't get it, I always hear about other people on the forum and how great their SA's are... maybe its just our area or just our bad luck who ended up helping us.
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    Please do not be rude to other members, thank you. BagAngel
  5. so sorry for ur experience. i find that customer service at LV ends to be hit or miss. some sa's just don't get it while others understand wanting a perfect item when u first purchase it. yes, i know it requires a lil more effort to go get every piece for a customer to choose from, but if they are going to buy it, what's wrong with that? i just had a so-so experience myself when i left a wallet to be hot stamped. we had only hot-stamped at LV in nyc, and when we did, got a receipt for the item we had left. here, they told me no receipt, no proof that i had ever left anything. took a bit of persuasion to get them to give me something as proof that i left something, while being told that they would never lose anything. maybe that's true, but i don't want to be the first to have a lost item - and when leaving an item, i expect some sort of proof that i left it! i used to have SA's that i purposely avoided cuz i didn't like their attitude...dh and i were just discussing how i would make a great LV SA (hypothetically speaking) cuz i know the product, love the product, and can understand an obsessive customer's compulsions :smile:
  6. I wanted a new Wapity and walked in the 5th AVE store and asked for it and asked for a fresh one from my SA. She asked me if I needed anything else I said no... she said that she was gonna look see if we have one and put it behind the cash wrap. So we went up stairs and looked at the men's line. My bestfriend and friends went up and looked around the shop we were done and went downstairs to pay. I asked the cashier (different lady) if my SA got me a fresh one and her response was "I'm sure she did!" I was like what kinda answer is that?" she said "oh let me check for you" LOL.... Maybe not rude service but, bad service!... What a lazy girl!
  7. that sucks that the SA was so "huffy" about it. my SA always has me inspect the item before it gets wrapped up, which is great since i think she would quickly find another item if it had any defects on it.
  8. I had the worst first shopping experience too..!!

    I didnt get a box.. but i really wanted one so i asked for one and she just went.. well.. LV is trying to reduce their packaging, for the enviroment YOU KNOW.. like i was some kind of enviroment spoiler by asking for a box! She gave me the worst look.
    I asked if i could pick it up at any of the other 3 stores in town, but she was like, im sure they dont have any. But i insisted. So she scribbles.. with the worst handwriting EVER!! please give customer box on receipt!! I felt like such a hobo having to beg for a box.

    I asked for a fresh bag too, i asked if she had one still in plastic, because i had seen it on tpf, and the handles of the one i was looking at were dirty. She was like.. we get out fresh ones everday, so im sure its not dirty. But whatever. She ACTUALLY said whatever. And then she goes.. its not possible that people have bought it still in plastic, its wrong, we never do that. Like i was lying or something!

    She was being so stroppy all the time and her tone to me was absolutely horrific. I cant believe i didnt go away and buy it somewhere else, but i just really wanted to buy it because i loved it so much, i didnt think about just stepping out at the time.

    And worst thing; when i got home, the tags were missing for my bag, there was only the louis vuitton card inside!

    All this happend at London Flagship on sloane street by the way!!
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    If you read it closely she didn't expect better treatment because she shopped in these places, she expected to be taken seriously there is a difference!

    I don't see her comments as "stuck up" but I do feel you are commenting on her personally by calling her stuck up' and there really is no need for your negativity here, she was simply venting her bad experience

    To MammaGG & amymaria, I am sorry this happened to you, it is ashame that when spending so much money you have to incur this kind of treatment I too expect to be greeted with a smile at least! afterall it is there job to SALES ASSIST!!!!!!!!!
    if you don't like the job SA's don't do it! let someone else who would appreciate the job have it instead!
  10. This is terrible!
  11. It is true that they are not supposed to sell with plastic still on the handles etc. if you're close with a particular SA then they may allow this. Also, what tags are missing? The ones with the model number and name? They don't usually give them out from my experience. However I'm sorry that you got such bad service since Sloane Street has always given me the best service!
  12. sorry for your experience

    I ordered my vernis agenda and my SA(a girl) was not in the store, so another SA (a guy this time) placed my order, I didn't want the full day refill, I wanted the week one. When I got the packet, I saw he charged the day refill and I also got the day refill. I don't write a lot for that I would preffer the week one. Well I didn't say a thing but then when I opened my agenda it was scratched in the inside, like if someone passed a nail on it, and it's not a small one. I called the SA and he told me I have a month for return the item but they will not change the agenda for another vernis agenda, so I got a little angry. After that my mum convinced me to keep the agenda and told me it will be more scratched with the time.

    But I felt bad because when you buy a new thing, you want it new!not scratched
  13. IMO, the first post was venting; the response was not. There's no need to mention where else you shopped to be taken seriously at LV.
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    Awww these stories are such ashame
    xoxogg i'm soo sorry about your Agenda
    kim456 I had that problem too they gave me my Kate in a shoe box at LV Slone street :roflmfao: they told me in Bond street LV that they can not leave the card board liner that keeps the shape when I bought my Cassis speedy 30 so he filled it with tissue and air filled cushion thingys :shrugs:
  15. It is so annoying and insulting...

    many times I thought to myself..."thats it, Im not coming back" and yet I do....

    I think I've learned to handle the situation now by being really firm from the start and I have had no other troubles but still....its such a unnecessary thing....