Bad customer service at LV....

  1. Here's my problem:in the beginning of march I brought my porte-trésor to the lv shop in Antwerp. The stitching had to be redone. I am using my wallet for years now, but I cant let it go, not ready to buy a new one yet :smile:
    I got t from my aunt before she died, and I use it every day.

    At Vuitton, hey told me the reparation would take around 5 weeks...maybe 6 weeks. That means that the wallet would have been ready arround 15th of april.

    ...guess what...still dont have my wallet back!!!

    Every time that I call or pass by the LV shop, they tell me that they will keep in touch, they will call me, but I never hear from them :sad: I allready phoned 5 or 6 times.
    They dont give me any answer of where my wallet is, what happened,..

    I dont know what to do anymore, it is getting really annoying :cursing:

    What should I do? Please help me!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh - sorry to hear that.

    Could you call and ask to speak to the Manager and explain that it is now nearly 2 months since you were advised it would be back and ask if there is any reason for the delay?

    Hope it works out;)
  3. Yeh could you speak to the manager? Or contact HQ directly by email? I hope this gets sorted out for you! x
  4. Yeah I'd ask to speak to the store manager too.

    It might seem like a long time, but perhaps the place where they sent it off to is probably busy with other orders/repairs? :shrugs:
  5. I just called the shop, and I can come by today for a brand new one :yahoo:
  6. they weren't able to fix it?
  7. Sounds more like they lost the wallet :huh:
  8. congradulations!:tup:
  9. Indeed, the manager told me that they lost the wallet, they dont know where it is.
    Because it's fathersday tomorrow in Belgium, I asked for a men's wallet, a gift for my husband, and I even had enough credit for a porte-cléfs framboise....
    I actually didn't needed a new wallet, last month I bought a Damier wallet.

    Tomorrow morning my husband gets breakfast with a little LV gift :graucho:
  10. How sad that you lost a personal piece from your aunt, though.. at least you were compensated for it.
  11. i hear things like this a lot with their repairs...
  12. Congrats on getting a new wallet.

  13. mm hmm... i mean if they're giving you a brand new one, i think they lost it too, but hey - hooraaayyyy for new wallets!!! :tup:
  14. well, it worked out but I hate that they lost a sentimental gift.