Bad Customer Service...and Their Response. Dilemma.

  1. Last week while at the mall I noticed the screws on my glasses had gotten a little loose. So I stopped in LensCrafters to get them tightened up, plus I wanted to look for some new frames. Anyway the associate said she would not be able to do it her self and would have to technicians do it (something seemed to be wrong with the screw). After browsing and trying on frames (20 mins or so) they still weren't done, so I sat and waited. She checked often but they weren't coming out so she went back I assume to speak with them. When she came back I was told they had broken the screw in the barrel and it would require additional time. I said that was fine and simply asked to be called once they were done.

    Not wanting to go far I went to a local panera bread had lunch and hung around since I had my lap top. Two hour laters with no call I decided to call and check myself only to be told that they were done (the associate that assisted me before left for the day). Once given my glasses I looked them over to see if they were still in good condition. They were NOT, one of my crystals were missing and there was a chip both on the side which they fixed the screw. Not to mention it was a different screw all together. Long story short no one apologized, and no one did anything.

    After writing a letter of complaint I receive a call from the store with an apology and they told me I could get 50% off my next purchase. The thing is they constantly run specials with 50% off the frame or lens. They even give 30% for AAA.

    So my question is should I just be satisfied that they did make the effort and go ahead and get the glasses I wanted or take my money elsewhere?? I'm torn because on one hand after the incident I said I would not spend another dime there. But 50% off a full pair of glasses is something. What would you do?
  2. No. I would contact LensCrafters public relations department and tell them the same story you told here.

    They should replace the frames that they ruined, whether they came from LensCrafters or not.

    And you should forward your offer of the standard 50% off to the public relations department so that they can arrange some training sessions for the people who get the complaints, who might not know that they offer the 50% coupons to the general public on a regular basis.
  3. get it but go to a different lenscrafters.
  4. They should COMPLETELY replace them at THEIR expense.....Thats ridiculous that they gave them back to u like that....
  5. I just bent the heck out of my Chanel frames by accident and I took them back to Lenscrafters to be repaired. They were only 4 months old and I totally bent the frame to the point I was scared to try and fix them. The tech at Lenscrafters BROKE them and then told me I could have 50% off my next pair after I just spent over $400 on the nearly new ones THEY broke. I hate them, I don't know what to do either. The manager told me "that is the risk you take when we repair glasses." WTF!!! They said they have a strict 30 day policy, so if it was within the 30 days and they broke them, they would replace them for free. Um, yeah..that really makes sense.
  6. Now that could be a cute slogan for their next ad campaign.

    I wonder, if there are any disgruntled former lenscrafters who might have interesting tales to tell about manager training....

    It's worth a google...
  7. This is the exact reason why I never took my glasses to LensCrafters. I played Clarinet for a long time (about 11-12 years) and I learned how to work with those itty bitty screws and even had my own tool kit for my Clarinet.

    I also had a similar problem with my glasses, and took them to LensCrafters where the frame around the lens was bent so badly after they replaced the screw, that the lens kept popping out. Needless to say, I was not compensated in any way shape or form and I ended up having to buy new glasses (at a different store!). Since then, I always tighten the screws myself with the little screwdriver I have. They sell kits at the grocery store with tiny screws and a small screw driver - I'd suggest picking up one of those and doing it yourself the next time something like this happens
  8. You've got to be kidding! That's ridiculous! I know to never go to Lenscrafters after these stories.
    I agree with Jill, they should really replace them at their expense, you can't just be breaking glasses, shouldn't they know how to handle glasses, afterall it is their career/specialty.
    The sad part is, with my experience with customer service, etc., is that no one cares, it's your problem.
  9. i'm sorry about that diordrama!

    i think the moral of this story [especially with the others "horror" stories] is lenscrafters=baddddd!

    i'd maybe attempt again to complain .. but even tho u have the 50% off, i personally wouldn't use it just because i wouldn't want to give them my business and my $$ again! unfortunately they seem like there customer service [@ numerous stores] aren't that great :[

    good luck, girl!
  10. 50% off is ridiculous. If they returned them in such deplorable conditions, they should replace them for free. You're taking them there precisely not to "run the risk". What arseholes!!
  11. After reading all these stories, I would go further witht he complaint. I HATE bad customer service. They ruined your glasses and should definitely replace them. Let us know on any updates! GOod luck!