Bad customer serivce

  1. My friends and I went to the LV store at Broadway last week, actually it is located at Greene street. I was looking for the "Epi Leather French Purse" in Myrtille color. The SA show me the one on display. The snap closure on purse the color was kind of come off.. I guess it is the display lot of customer touched it. So i kindly ask the SA " Do you have a new one?" She said yes. She went to the back room with the display purse and come out with a box. and she start to charge me and ask me for a credit i gave her my credit card. By that time i double check on the purse. when i hold on the purse it was hot. and i know it is the display one . So i ask her it this a new one and she said "Yes". So long stroy short....When the time i walk out to from the LV store i feel uncomfortable of the purchase... so i took the purse out and look it again... Guess what... It's was the display one. You can see it very clearly outside with more light. Even my friend they noted. cuz the purse was hot and the snap closure on purse the color was come off. So i took it back to the LV store right away... and the SA was not there. So another new SA assist me and i told her the snap closure on purse the color was kind of come off. I ask the new assist can i get another one and she said this is last one. Can you guy belived it how can the first SA is not honest to me. Aren't they suppose to be honest to the customer since LV is a luxury brand. I was very disspointed:wtf:. You know i don't mind of the price. I will never go to that LV store again. Sorry i write too long... hehhehe
  2. Just return it. Say you're unsatisfied with the CS you received from them and that you'd like to return the French Purse since the SA gave you the display model that you did not want.

    Then go to the other location and buy it there :smile:
  3. return it, and remember to talk to the manager about the incident too!! u don't deserve that kind of service...
  4. Did you return it? Sorry you had a bad time.
  5. That sa was uttely dishonest and needs to be reported! Sorry to hear this.
  6. Did you return it then? What happened next??
  7. That's dishonesty. I have come across afew SAs who would lie just to get the deal going and I would never buy from those ones. You can kinda tell from the way they talk sometimes. Go back to the store and ask them to courier a new one or get a refund.
    I have my own fav SAs! :heart:
  8. Wow.....I'm sorry you had to go through this ordeal. That SA was dishonest, and needs to be reported.
  9. That is so dishonest, deceitful, and low! Really, that SA does not deserve a job there. I would definitely let the manager know what happened, and make it clear that you will be taking your business elsewhere because you were not satisfied with the way you were treated.
  10. Wow that was messed up.She was really trying to be slick by taking it to the back and just throwing it in a box.You should return it right away and speak to the manager as someone else has stated.Don't let one bad SA mess with your trips to LV in the future.
  11. OMG that is terrible! so sorry it happened to should report the SA to the manager and exchange for something else, I think you can even exchange it at another store. Good luck!
  12. Don't they train these people??? It seems like I come across alot of inexperienced SAs ( i dont have a regular one) who have NO idea what customer service is !!!!
  13. I think the staff is a bit dishonest as she/he should tell you that is the last one. I was in the same situation once and I don't feel happy about it so I exchange for something else, I hope you can find another one soon~ :yes:
  14. wow I can't believe she completly lied to your face. return and speak with a manager.
  15. I thought they were not allowed to sell the display ones in the 1st place ??