Bad craftsmanship

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  1. Is anyone else lately having an issue with really poor craftsmanship on the stitching & how a bag is put together or am I just having a really bad run of luck? I’m speaking specifically about the Neverfull bags right now. I have had to return/exchange 3 times now (& the wait between kills me) for this bag with the pivoine interior. The first bag had pink stitching showing all the way around where they attached the bottom to the rest of the bag. Then the next 2 had uneven stitching on the chapes that attach the handles. 1st time it was just 2 of the chapes but noticeable the 2nd time it was 3 of the chapes & I mean it was really bad. Way over to the center on one side of the chape & totally perfect on the other side of the chape. So rather than go thru waiting for them to receive the return & wait for shipping of another new one again I started calling the stores. They’re an hour 1/2 away is why I didn’t go there originally & they never had the pivoine in stock. Well this time they did have the pivoine in stock at 2 stores nearest me & the SA gave me her cell# said to send pics & she’d send me pics of what they had. Exact same problem at both stores. I have several neverfulls in different sizes & colors & never have I run into this issue. Both stores were actually kind of rude about it & said because they are hand sewn they are going to vary in eveness. I’ve also noticed uneven stitching on the trim around the top & that trim seems like a cheaper material & is wrinkling badly very fast. Also while in store noticed other bags where it just seems like they’re using cheaper products & the yellow thread seems to almost have a neon glow to it. I haven’t bought anything since 2016 but up to that point my bags were always in perfect condition & perfectly put together. This is really poor craftsmanship & unacceptable to me. They seem to be going downhill.
  2. The sa’s both basically said because they’re hand sewn I just have to accept & deal with it. Umm if I’m going to spend $1400 for a handbag it better be perfect lol it could also be a problem if at some point I decide to sell it which I often do to get something else I want. Buyers may question its authenticity. I would
  3. Pretty sure that none of the Neverfulls are "hand sewn"..........but I could be wrong.
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  4. That’s what I thought but both stores near me said they are. Look how far away from the edge the stitching is on one side. It’s like that on all of them. You can even see the pivoine pink in certain spots
  5. If you've vetoed that many bags it sounds like the NF + you is not meant to be. Save yourself the frustration and find something that does fit your quality standards! Life is too short to be upset about bags :flowers:
  6. This wouldn't bother me in the slightest.
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  7. +1
  8. I had the same issue with NF MM in Monogram that the stitching expose at the base and stitching holes look cracked. I exchanged it for Alma BB which I am very happy with. I decided to try again with NF PM in DE and this time the bag has no issue with stitching. I am very happy with my NF PM. I bought Mini pochette and again had the issue with too expose stitching so I returned it. All of these are online because my nearest store is at least 8 hours away.
  9. ++1
  10. To the OP's question: No, I'm not. Longtime buyer of the brand. But I also tolerate minuscule variations in where a stitch lands and don't use a 10x magnifier.

    I believe many new buyers will find themselves unable to handle LV because they think it's going to deliver perfection. Well, it might not, and neither will any equivalent luxe brand.
  11. You should never spend that kind of money on anything and you are not happy with. Move on. . .
  12. No I’ve had no issues.
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  14. Yep.
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  15. If this is a flaw to you....then you may want to give up on the brand altogether. I have yet to come across a 100% perfect LV item. There will always be something slightly not centred, one stitch slightly crooked etc.

    I would be fine with the stitching like that.
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