bad communication, how long to wait before I leave bad feedback?

Apr 26, 2006
I know I'm a softy...
I bought something on ebay, paid start away on the 13th of august.

Emailed seller a few days after to ask if item had been sent, no reply.
Emailed again a few days after that, still no replay...
Have now emails 5x since paying and NO REPLY!

the item I bought was a book, got it really cheap, so doesn't feel like a scam...
seller had looks of good feedback!
just pissed that the seller is so rude that he won't answer my emails!

how long before I leave bad feedback?


coco girl

Jun 15, 2008
New York
Did you pay via paypal? If yes, you can file a dispute with paypal (not a claim just a dispute). That should get the sellers attention pretty quickly.

I wouldn't file neg just yet. But when you do leave feedback give them a low score for communication.

There is no excuse for not answering, unless they really have some type of family problem or got hit by the last storm etc


May 24, 2008
Wait until you get it at least. Depending on when that is, and how soon you needed it(if that is an issue), maybe you should give neutral? Does neutral still count against the seller or do they not mean anything anymore?
Jul 15, 2008
Maybe the seller was on vacation when you bought the book, although it should really be stated on the listing if this is the case.
Or maybe the seller has had pc problems/some other problem which has prevented him/her from getting back to you.
But if it's just the seller is not responding then I would wait until I have received the item and then leave a neg.


Feb 1, 2008
Memphis, TN
I would definitely file a PayPal dispute. You can close it at any time, and for some reason, these disputes seem to get a seller's attention when all else fails.

I bought a book in June and was told that it had shipped; two weeks later, seller emailed me to say that she had JUST shipped it. It has still not arrived. It was only $15, but I filed and PayPal reimbursed me for it.

Since I sell myself, I am hesitant to leave negs, but I get very frustrated when a seller simply refuses to communicate. However, sometimes there's a good reason. I really wouldn't blame you for leaving a neg in this situation. No communication and no item would be enough for me.

BTW, if PayPal has to reimburse you, you might want to check your PayPal account and be sure the right amount was credited. In my case, $1.00 had been credited. I stumbled across it, called PayPal, and was told there had been a glitch in the system. Had I not noticed it myself, I'm quite sure the other $14 would still not be there. I now check on everything P/P credits me. :yes: