Bad Commercials: Viva Viagara

  1. Has anyone see any of the series of the Viva Viagara commercials. Why are they always on?
  2. Men like to have sex, and will pay for a drug that allows them to generate and sustain an erection. This drug has generated a ton of cash.
  3. I found it odd that, during the aftermath of Nipplegate, there was boasting about 'cleaning up' the Superbowl there was still about four or five ads for erectile dysfunction medications.
  4. i saw this commercial- the one with old guys singing 'viva viagra'....i thought it was stupid.

    o and irishgal, men aren't the only ones who like to have sex! some men need it for medical reasons. however, i do think that the middle of the day isn't the best time to play viagra commercials.
  5. yes, because lots of men watch the superbowl. including older men, who probably have erectile disfunctions.

    again, i think there are more appropriate times (late at night) to air these commercials. BUT. compared to a lot of commercials that flash half naked women/guys, ED isn't that big of a deal. at least its a real medical issue. where as nakedness is unneccessary, IMO.
  6. Elvis must be rolling in his grave.
  7. And this is why family should not sell the rights to deceased artist's music.
  8. This horrible, irritating commercial ran during EVERY commercial break of HBO's Hard Knocks series. DH was getting reeeeeally annoyed. Thank goodness for Tivo and the fast-forward button.
  9. They dont' have to pay; it's covered by health insurance.
    But yeah, it's a terrible commercial. :tdown:
  10. I used to get mad at the Mercedes commercial with the Janis Joplin song. I agree families should not be able to sell song rights if the singer wouldn't have agreed to it.
  11. They're irritating and disgusting. But I always laugh when I hear the part about "If your erection lasts longer than four hours please see a doctor."
  12. i wouldn't say the commercials are disgusting -- its a real issue for guys....its not like they're explicit.
  13. Oh gosh I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by this one! It's pretty annoying to get into the song and start bopping along to it, only to hear "vivaaaaa viagraaa." :push:
    UGH. I know it's a problem but gosh, I'm sick of hearing these classic songs lately on commercials for such dumb things.
  14. When I hear that line, I always think "See your wife!" :graucho:

    But that commercial is yucky worthy! Can you imagine a group of women singing about birth control?

    Here you go: to the tune of Gershwin's "I've Got Rhythm."

    I've tried rhythm,
    I've tried Delfen,
    I've love my Yaz,
    Who could ask for anything more?


    With apologies to George and Ira!

  15. LMAO...

    The thing that annoys me is the song gets STUCK IN MY HEAD for hours!!! The commercials don't bother me any more than the yeast infections commercials that are on all the time, or the trojan ones, or even the 'bacterial vaginosis' one that was on last night. "Have a happy period" always makes me want to call the company and tell them where to stick their 'happy period'. DH brought those home after I m/c'd and I wrote them an email :roflmfao: and told them there were things other than 'periods' women used them for and to rethink their campaign. Anywho... I now have the viagra jingle in my head :cursing: