Bad buyer, what should I do? (a bit long)

  1. Help please! I bought a black LV epi danube from let-trade around Xmas time then decided it wasn't for me so I listed it on eBay. I sold it last week for 90 GBP and the buyer has come back to me saying I wasn't honest in my listing by describing the condition as excellent and asking how I'm going to resolve this. The bag is obviously old but the leather is in fabulous condition, no scuffs anywhere, the hardware is good too. I've actually replied in a huff and told her no refunds but I'm wondering whether to just ask for the bag back and send her the money? What would you do? Feel :sad: , don't want bad feedback and to come across as a liar but then I think she obviously doesn't know her LV and why should I accept the bag back just because I'm bothered about what she says about me? I'm not a big seller by the way, just sell my own bags now and then and have always had great feedback for them. Sorry to go on, just feel upset!
  2. Some suggestions,
    Offer her a full refund if she wants to return the handbag.

    Or offer a credit? Whatever she feels is fair?

    I sold an "excellent condition" handbag recently, and I was unaware, but scratched the leather while packaging.

    The buyer was very understanding. I offered her a full refund to return it or asked her if she wanted to keep it and I would discount her. She asked for a 10% discount which I thought was more than fair. I think I actually sent her more because I felt guilty!

    She left me a wonderful feedback.
  3. Thanks gro3602, think I should do that, just got a bit huffy when I got her email! Thanks again.
  4. I know, it is upsetting.
    However, they are the customers....... have to deal with stuff like this every so often.........
  5. The same thing happened to me! I sold pre-owned bag with the description as "used with small flaws. Nothing to take away from the beauty of the bag". It was in excellent condition and I had just gotten it professionally cleaned. After shipment, the buyer complained of an ink stain on the interior, which was not there before. If I had known, I would have gladly disclosed it in the description. I asked how large the stain was and she said, large enough to bother her. So rather than drag it out and force her to send me pictures of a nonexistent stain, I had to refund her 50%.

    Part of me is relieved the 50% refund fized the problem, but part of me still thinks the buyer faked the whole situation and I was suckered out of the money. I guess you win some and you lose some.....
  6. Yeah, you're right sadly. I think what's happened here is that the buyer has changed her mind about the bag because she's actually complaining about the discolouration in one of the pockets and I hadn't even noticed that - I put my hand in the outside pocket to check for any peeling or stickiness but there wasn't any. She really got a bargain. Anyway, as usual feel better after venting on here - trouble is though I've emailed her twice now, the second time to offer refund - and she hasn't bothered to get back to me! :cursing:

    Enough moaning anyway - sorry - put it down to experience - thanks girls!
  7. I would ask to have the buyer send a photo of the flaw in question - if they are honest they should have no trouble providing the photo.
  8. I would have her return the bag and give her back the money. Maybe you can sell to for more to another buyer. There are a lot of liars on eBay. I don't know if this buyer is lying but it is not worth the argument. Tell her to return the bag.
  9. This is always a problem with used items, some people are a lot pickier than some others.

    I think more and more eBay sellers have to operate like a business instead of a garage sale it used to be, even for casual sellers. That means dealing with buyer complaints and accepting certain expenses as "operating costs".

    Go with your gut feeling. If you think she isn't out to scam you, just offer her a refund and get your bag back. You will be able to sell it to some one else.