Bad buyer on ebay today!!!

  1. Hello
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I also posted a similar message on the eBay thread. Today a buyer 123Canuto purchased hundreds of high end items (many chloe bags included) with BIN. I have reported this to eBay. If your bags were part of this, I suggest you do the same.

    I am so angry--this is the 2nd time this week I have had non-paying bidders buy my chloe bags. :cursing:

    Hope this didn't happen to anyone else here!!
  2. That's so weird. I've never heard of someone doing that before. I saw a white Silverado bag re-listed that I bid on (and lost) last week and I wondered why. I bet she was a victim, too. Terrible! WTH is the point?? :rolleyes:
  3. That sucks, sorry to hear that has happend to you. So many nasty people in the world.
    So what happens now, do you still have to pay ebay fee's??
  4. OH My..! I totally can't understand why there's ppl have too much time to do it?? Hijacked other acc then click BIN for many items! Oh, hope they'll go to hell
  5. Sorry this happened to you green_eggs! It's happened to me a few times too! I don't think you should published the buyer's name here though coz I think they might have had their account hijacked! The hijacker is out to get your email address! That's why they did the buy-it-now so that they can send spam to your email!!! I suggest to take a copy of your listing, before ebay pulls it so that you don't have to recreate the page again.
  6. That is just awful i am sorry to hear this.

    Doesn't ebay use a pre-approved system for some sellers?? This would be ideal in your situation. you tell people in your auction they have to contact you before bidding to that you can add them to your list. This would ensure 99% (hopefully) genuine bidders.

    I am sure a few sellers use this. I am not too sure though. Maybe you should check it out. :smile:
  7. all that for an e-mail address. So sad.
  8. Thanks guys. I did get all my fees back and have relisted the bag. Fortunately it was a relist so my original listing was still in my account--I just had to make all the changes again.....and the whole process to fix ebay/paypal only took about 4 hours of my day on the phone/chat. gotta love em :heart:
  9. I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone by posting the name, but I could see that the hijackers were targeting high end handbags and wanted to give the folks on this board a heads up so they weren't victims of a scam. Not sure how else I could have done that without posting the name.....:confused1:
  10. seriously.
    WHO has the time for crap like this and WHY and WHAT do they care about so much as to do this? I barely have time for laundry, never mind ebay stuff lately!
  11. I heard that this particular incident was not a scam for emails but rather trying to get sellers to ship bags overseas to an unconfirmed address. The same "buyer" made that request of someone on this forum selling LV bags. Have to be so careful!
  12. For me it was for my email coz I have been receiving several of those stupid "my friend" messages in my email. Wait and see. You will get emails! Not saying that there aren't scammers out there, who want you to send to invalid addresses... but when they bid on so many highend items at once, they want your email so they can spam you directly!
  13. You can't... but there really isn't any point because ebay will pull the auctions as soon as they detect it and the buyer's account will suspended while ebay changes the details. It happens really regularly these days! Check all the other threads, there's been 4 or 5 complaints about the same issue in the last week or so.